Two Portuguese teens raised money for two years to come to TeenStreet.

2 Years in Coming

A couple of Portuguese participants at TeenStreet 2017 have been fundraising for two years to come to their first conference.

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SEALED: Finding true identity in the Father 

The third day of TeenStreet started with a special programme: separate Mainhall meetings for boys and girls. 

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TeenStreet and Missions: Ciqui’s Story

Seated behind the Italian translator station, you’ll find the smiling face Alessandro (or Ciqui, as he prefers to be called). Attending his ninth TeenStreet (TS) conference, he looked back to the early days of his life in missions.

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Josh and Ed present GRASP in the Mainhall.

GRASP: Living out the father’s truths  

This second day of TeenStreet started with a big family meeting in the Mainhall. “Jesus wants us to be His brothers and sisters,” Josh explained, “and He wants us to know His Dad!”

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TeenStreet and Missions: Maria’s Story 

Maria*, 21, from Portugal first heard about TeenStreet (TS) after her parents attended the international youth congress in 2003. After that, “I always wanted to go, but my parents were always saying, ‘You’re not old enough to go yet,’” she recalled. 

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Teens gather in front of OM's booth at TeenStreet.

Experiencing vibrant community at TeenStreet 

OM, TeenStreet's parent organisation, wants to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. How does TeenStreet fit into that vision?

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The program team presents TREK.

TREK: On a journey of freedom 

On the first morning of TeenStreet, the teens danced into the Mainhall like it was the best day of their lives. Today was all about “TREK.”

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20 Übersetzer arbeiten backstage um jede Veranstaltung in der Mainhall (Haupthalle) in 17 verschiedene Sprachen zu übersetzen.

TS translation: why we do what we do 

20 translators work behind-the-scenes to translate every Mainhall session in 17 languages.

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7-week-old baby Neill is one of the youngest people at TeenStreet 2017.

Tiny TeenStreet participants 

At TeenStreet (TS), there aren’t only teens and service team members. There are also the children of service team and staff members. Some of them are just few weeks old when they experience TS for the first time in their lives. 

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Josh und Debs reden über unseren unerschütterlichen Gott.


With a big countdown in the Mainhall, TeenStreet (TS) 2017 has officially started!

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Friedrich und Dario, die zum ersten Mal an TeenStreet teilnehmen, posieren für die Kamera.

Registered and excited

After days of preparation the air is now buzzing with excitement as more and more teens arrive with their suitcases and sleeping bags.

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Programme team member Fred travelled to TS via hitchhiking.

Hitchhiking 2 TS

When Fred from the Programme Team decided to come to TeenStreet 2017, the journey to get there looked a little different than most. He decided to hitchhike from Denmark to Offenburg, Germany!

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Service team members prepare the TeenStreet site during set-up week.

Set-up week 2017

TeenStreet (TS) may not officially start until Thursday, but the site is already bustling with people helping set up for the upcoming week. Even before the teens arrive, the staff and service team are busy. Their TS has already begun. It’s the first step towards welcoming over 2,000 teens onto the grounds for an experience they’re not likely to forget.

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Lira learns how to sow at Vocations for the Future (Kosovo) - the project RAG supports this year

RAG: Finding new hope

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Come to Outreach with us at TeenStreet

Share God's Love in Offenburg!

This year, Outreach is organizing an ART-DAY (July 31) in the city of Offenburg with many different art-related opportunities to share the LOVE. 

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RAG – Next stop: Back to Kosovo

Come make a difference in TeenStreet's RAG project (RAISE AND GIVE)

This year, we are continuing to support the Vocations for the Future Project in Kosovo.

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Do you have experience in video? Come join our social media videoteam at TeenStreet!

TeenStreet needs you!

We are looking for service team members (+18 years old) that have experience and skills in making videos.
Interested in being part of the social media video team this year at TeenStreet?

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Firar med frukt på TeenStreet

TeenStreet turns 25

Do you remember the first time you were at TeenStreet? Was it last year? The year before that, or when you were still young and cool?

Either way, come join us this year! (We turn 25!!)

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Home Reps njuter av gemenskap samtidigt som de planerar, ber och lovsjunger tillsammans inför TeenStreet 2017

Planning for "Unshakeable"

Over 70 Home Reps* and team leaders met for a few days in mid-March to plan, pray and worship together to make TeenStreet 2017 happen.

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TeenStreet 2017 registration will start 1st January 2017

If you want to register for TeenStreet 2017, please come back on 1st January 2017.

You will be able to register then clicking REGISTER NOW above.

The link does already work, but the registration will only open in the new year.

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