Preparations/Set up
Set up-week for Service Team starts Monday 23 July, at 14:00 (2pm). Pack down ends Saturday August 3, at 18:00 (6pm)
All adults (Service Team, Coach, M&M etc...) who are registered on site before 19:30 on Thursday 25 July will get a free, exclusive T-shirt.

Register as Service Team here.

Service Team are the volunteers at TeenStreet. 
TeenStreet would not happen without the generous and sacrificial support of this team, made up of all those who help behind the scenes. This includes cooking, cleaning, running workshops, doing AV or security, setting up tents, organising sports, driving, shopping, working with graphics or communication, setting up the kitchen, helping in the admin office, organising teams in the months beforehand, and the list goes on.

 As part of the Service Team, you will be placed into small groups (or NET groups), like the teens, and will have the opportunity to work through the Bible study based on this year’s theme. 

Some teens have come away from a week at TeenStreet and been most impacted by the people sacrificing their time to clean up after them! Your service at TeenStreet matters!

But TeenStreet is not only for the teenagers. At TeenStreet, God can speak into your life and transform you as well. There are many opportunities: with your team, during the main meeting in your free time, in Throne Room, in your devotion times, etc. Or just take some time each day to sit and chat with a teenager, finding out what he or she is experiencing.

You can find all job opportunities for Service Team here.

Register as Service Team here.