Restoring Hope for Refugees - Medical Ministry

The purpose of this outreach is providing prayer and medical support for the refugees and garbage collectors. The days of the outreach can be extended upon request up to two months.

The team will work with the local doctors and hospitals to provide medical support, prayer and encouragement.

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Thu 1 Aug 2019 to Wed 14 Aug 2019
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1039.00 USD
18 - 75
Ministry details

Providing medical aid and health services to Nuba refugee and hosting communities in partnership with the local doctors and hospitals.

Participant profile

Doctors, medical assistants, dentists and nurses, intercessors.


Fully equipped guest house. All bedding and linens are provided. There are common areas for groups to meet to enjoy devotions and time together.  Housing is located in a very nice area.


All meals are included, ranging from typical local and Arab meals. There are options for individuals with specific tastes.  If you have any specific dietary needs, please let us know in advance. 


Fly to the International Airport in the capital.


Participants should be in good health, ready for an intense time of ministry.  The capital is located in the middle of Sahara Desert, with low humidity.  Any special needs (food allergies, medical conditions must be communicated as early as possible so that organizers can prepare to receive that person!  Each participant should arrange personal medical insurance to cover the period of the outreach. 


Many nationalities can get a 30 days tourist at the airport. Please check this requirement with a local travel agent or embassy or consulate if you are unsure.