##FULL## OM Arts HSI Brittany: Lights in the Darkness-Training Team

Heart Sounds International (HSI) is a ministry of OM Arts that focuses on encouraging indigenous worship around the world. The goal of this project is to empower musicians to compose traditional Breton music which they can then perform in private living room concerts, street performance, or other settings. This workshop take place during a big, Interceltic music festival that takes place each year. The hope is that these songs will be an avenue for clearly and relevantly presenting the Gospel.

The HSI team will work with participants as they compose and prepare for living room concerts and other events. Brittany is one of the regions of France with the fewest churches per capita, and the county we will be working in is no exception: around one church for every 60,000 people! Druidic and Roman Catholic tradition still have a stronghold, and postmodernist values are held in high esteem. Our goal is to reach the population and speak to their hearts in a way they will understand, using culturally relevant music as a key to unlock Biblical truths and reveal the message of hope that we have in Jesus Christ!

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Sorry, no families
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Sun 28 Jul 2019 to Mon 5 Aug 2019
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480.00 USD
18 - 76
Ministry details

Before departure, the team will need to research traditional Breton music and prepare culturally. During the project, the team will work with participants as they compose.

Participant profile

All applicants must be flexible and able to adapt. In addition, we are looking for those qualified for several specific roles. Those without proper experience may apply as an assistant in these roles:  
Leader-in-training: Applicant will be mentored under the team leader. 
Ethnodoxologist: Applicant will oversee the course. He or she should have academic training in ethnomusicology or ethnoarts, experience leading songwriting workshops, and be able to train others. Those without experience may apply as an assistant. 
Recording engineer: Applicant will need to bring his/her own equipment and have adequate skills to create demo-level recordings, adapting to any setting. Those without experience may apply as an assistant. 
Intercessor: Applicant should have a passion for prayer. 


You may be housed either at a local church, or in church members’ homes.


Meals will be at local restaurants or provided by the host. Please advise of dietary restrictions.


You need to book and pay for your own tickets to and from the TGV train station in Lorient, Brittany.
You can fly to/from Paris (CDG or Orly) and take the train to Lorient from Gare Montparnasse, Paris. The train ride is 3 hours from Paris, and please allow time to get from the airport to Gare Montparnasse. (3 hours).
Recommended option: flights from Paris to Lorient
Paris CDG-Lorient (HOPAIRFRANCE): 98.21€
Lorient-Paris CDG (HOPAIRFRANCE): 65.89€


Participants should be in reasonably good health, ready for an intense programme. Any special needs (food allergies, special diet, a good bed due to back problems, etc.) must be communicated as early as possible so that organisers can prepare to receive that person! Each participant should arrange personal medical insurance to cover the period of the outreach.
It can get hot or rainy in Brittany in the summer! Temperatures can range from 17C/63F to 32C/90F, please be prepared for this.


Some participants may require a visa. Those participants will need to begin their application process with the OM office in their country at least one month in advance of the application deadline given here. Please contact the OM office in your country for more information.


This posting is only for trainers for the songwriting workshop. Those wishing to apply as participants should apply with the related link. Those wishing to stay for the festival are welcome to do so. Please contact us for information on additional costs.