Ga mee als Service Team (18+)

Het evenement TeenStreet zou niet mogelijk zijn zonder de geweldige hulp van alle vrijwilligers die wij het 'Service Team' noemen. Alle vrijwilligers die achter de schermen meehelpen vallen onder dit team. Hierbij kun je denken aan bijvoorbeeld: kokers, schoonmakers, workshopleiders, security, opbouwen, sportteams, chauffeurs, kiosken, communicatie, vertalers, administratie, organisatie vooraf, etc. Als onderdeel van het Service Team, zul je in kleine groepen worden ingedeeld waarin je naast je werk Bijbelstudies doet, gebaseerd op het thema van dit jaar.

TeenStreet is inhoudelijk niet alleen gericht op tieners. Tijdens TeenStreet kan God ook tot jou spreken en ook jou aanmoedigen om Hem te volgen. Dit kan gebeuren tijdens jouw Bijbelstudies als team, tijdens de samenkomsten (let op: in sommige rollen is het niet mogelijk om de samenkomsten bij te wonen), tijdens je vrije tijd, in je stille tijd, etc. Ook kan het heel opbouwend zijn om aan tieners te vragen wat ze tijdens TeenStreet over God hebben geleerd. En bedenk goed. Sommige tieners gaan van TeenStreet naar huis toe en zijn het meest geraakt door de vrijwilligers die zoveel over hebben gehad om hen een onvergetelijke week te geven. Jouw dienen tijdens TeenStreet doet er echt toe!

Praktisch: Als vrijwilliger ga je mee naar TeenStreet van vrijdag 31 juli tot en met zaterdag 8 augustus 2020. Het zou helemaal super zijn als je nog eerder naar TeenStreet kunt komen om te helpen met de opbouw van TeenStreet. Je kunt op maandag 22 juli vanaf 09:00 uur komen. (wel moet je, je hiervoor apart aanmelden. Dat kan HIER, selecteer de rol `opbouw`.) Op vrijdag 31 juli hebben jullie een trainingsdag op TeenStreet zelf. Deze training is speciaal voor jullie bedoeld! Je krijgt een uniek TeenStreet gift-card als je er voor donderdagavond 18:00 bent (die je kan besteden op de TeenStreet Boulevard), dus zorgt dat je er bent!
Als je niet kunt komen naar de trainingsdag, mag je wel mee naar TeenStreet.


De taken waaruit je kunt kiezen als vrijwilliger staan hieronder samengevat in het Engels. De teams zijn Engelstalige. Je geeft bij je aanmelding twee voorkeuren aan. Wij kunnen niet 100% garanderen dat jij bij je eerste keuze terecht komt. Wij hopen je te verwelkomen op TeenStreet!


Info Desk

Clean Street

Prayer Team

Fun Food

Staff Cafe

Medisch Team

Fountain Team

Fruit stand

Art Zone

Site Security

Global Village

Cocktail Bar

Sport Team

Security Main Hall



Book shop


RAG Team


TS Shop

Head Set Team

Technische Suport


TS Office

Kids street

Day Guests


— Kiosk —

Be part of the team that provides snacks and drinks. Help with the setting up and closing down of the kiosk. You will have the opportunity to spend time with the teens and make friends.

— Sports Team —

Sport is a great way to get in contact with people and talk about Jesus. The team wants to share this with the teens and empower them to use this tool. If you love teens and sports, this is the perfect place for you! In the sports team you will have a lot of opportunities to make friends, encourage others and lead the teens in sport activities.

— Info Desk —

You and your team will be available for the teens, Service Team and visitors to help them in practical matters or answer questions.

— Medical Team —

The medical team includes a few doctors, a couple of paramedics and nurses. They provide general medical care and first aid. If you have a heart to serve the teens and staff members with your profession, then this is the right place for you! Before we can accept your application, it will be clarified by the team leader.

— CleanStreet —

In this team you will be responsible for serving the teens by keeping the area clean, especially by cleaning bathrooms and collecting waste. You and your intercultural team will have a lot fun and action!

— Fruit Stand —

Fruit is healthy, and whoever likes fruit goodies can get them right here. Your team will sell fruits and some sweets. You should be able to handle a knife to cut fruits. You will also be involved in the setting up and packing down of the stand.

— Staff Café —

Serve the TeenStreet staff or Service Team members with coffee, tea and cake in a relaxed environment. You will have a lot of opportunities to meet people and encourage them with your service.

— Kitchen —

In the kitchen you will be responsible for preparing and serving food. You will have the opportunity to meet many people, encourage them and have a lot of fun together!

— Dining Hall —

Serving by cleaning, what is always necessary and grants a welcoming atmosphere. Make sure you keep the area clean where you and all the other people at TS will have 3 meals a day. This work is much appreciated! Join this team to show the people that you care!

— Dish Washing —

Serving by washing and cleaning, everything necessary and create a welcoming atmosphere. Make sure that all the dishes are collected for your team to clean after the meals. Join this team to show the people that you care!

— Site Security —

The Site Security is responsible for the security and safety at TeenStreet. The team works 24 hours a day in different shifts. If you join this team, please come with a humble heart to show the teens that you want the best for them. Then you will enjoy this job and be a great encouragement (minimum age of 20 years).

— Main Hall Security —

The Main Hall Security is responsible for the safety of the participants during the main sessions. Your main task is to pay attention to any dangerous situations or medical emergencies that could take place. You should come with a humble heart, willing to serve.

— FunFood —

In the evening after the praise and worship session in the main hall, the teens can get together and relax while having some fries, pizza, hamburgers or chicken nuggets. Your team will prepare the food and sell it. (german speaking team)

— ArtZone —

In the ArtZone teens will have the opportunity to be creative, paint or draw. Together with your team you will take care of the teens, preparations and clean up. You will have a lot of opportunities to meet people, get creative yourself and be there when help is needed.

— CocktailBar —

The CocktailBar is a place where teens can chill out in a more relaxing environment. You will have a lot of fun mixing non-alcoholic cocktails, selling drinks, snacks and cleaning the area up in the evening.

— Headset Team —

English and German are spoken on stage at TeenStreet. Many of the teens do not understand either of these languages. To make it possible for them to understand, headsets are available to receive translation. Join this team and help the teens who need translation in the main meetings to get the right equipment.

— FountainTeam —

Fountain is the provision of a defined and structured relationship within which individuals can profitably explore difficult and often painful emotions or experiences. Members should be experienced adults, who are either trained counselors, therapists or youth workers that are committed to ongoing training. We work according to ethical standards and practices, are accountable and work under supervision.

— KidsStreet 1 —

Some of the team leaders will have their families and kids with them, which is why there is a specific program for kids that takes place during the day. If you love children and you want to take care of their welfare during TeenStreet, this is the place for you. The kids will be split up in different age groups ( 4-6 years and 7-9 years).

— ToddlerStreet —

Some of the team leaders will have their families and kids with them, which is why there is a specific program for kids that takes place during the day. If you love children and you want to take care of their welfare during TeenStreet, this is the place for you. The kids in this group are 1–3 years old.

— InBetweens —

Some of the team leaders will have their families and kids with them, which is why there is a specific program for kids that takes place during the morning. If you love children and you want to take care of their welfare during TeenStreet, this is the place for you. The kids in this group are 10-12 years old.

— Translation —

In this area people are needed who are fluent in English and have experience in translating in other settings. You will translate simultaneously during the sessions. If you want to serve the teens with your language ability, this is the right place for you.

— TS Shop —

Would you like to sell things that support TeenStreet? If you are good at communicating with people, have a servant heart and want to share Gods love you are welcome here. It would be helpful if you come with a structured function, have a sense of order and like it straightened to keep the store welcoming. You should think ahead and be independent in what you do. If you are willing and able to work also in busy periods this is the right place for you.

— Day Guests —

Here you are responsible for the access control to let people on site who want to stay for example a few hours or until the end of the day. It is administrative stuff to do and inform about what’s going on at TS. You welcome people, make the payments, build up and close down the registration area. A good knowledge of human nature is helpful.

— Prayer Team —

Don’t pray for the work, prayer is the work! Be part of the team that is going to serve the teens by praying for and with them. Encourage and enrich the teens with your attendance to pray.

— Global Village —

In this team you will create and perform the interactive simulation of Global Village at TeenStreet (acting, debriefing, technical jobs …). You will be part of an vibrant community from all over the world and you should come flexible, adaptable and teachable.

— Outreach Team —

Do you have a heart to share your relationship with Jesus through an outreach in the city? Here you will get the possibility to do so! You will encourage teens to share their faith through this great opportunity to directly get in touch with people on the street. If you like to take responsibility on doing this and have a heart for the people out there, you are welcome to join this team!

— RAG (Raise And Give) —

Present the work of the project, raising money for and encourage everyone to raise as much as they can for it. Together you will make a big difference for teens and others who are less fortunate than ourselves. Be involved in either the ‘RAG race’ or the Talent show. Make sure the race course is all set up and the race runs smoothly. If you are creative and a reliable person this is the right place for you to support the work of TeenStreet.

— Technical Support —

Use your technical skills to serve the teens. TeenStreet has to be set up and back down. Therefore many hands are needed to sort things out. Following people are needed: carpenters, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, forklift drivers. If you know people, who could fit in let us know! We are looking forward to welcome you in our team as you enrich TeenStreet with your skills.

— TS Office —

In the TeenStreet Office you will be the contact person for administrative matters. The team does the shopping, provides drivers and is a helper in times of need for all staff members and volunteers. (German speaking team)

— BookShop —

Serve the teens by selling Christian material (books, CDs, gifts, cards etc.), which will help them grow in their faith. Your role could involve helping people make choices on what to buy. You will take care of the shop and be part of setting it up and back down. (German and Dutch speaking team)