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Partner with local churches in reaching out in their communities by sharing God's love through construction, practical work, and children’s programs. Through this cross-cultural experience, you will have the amazing opportunity to grow in your faith and relationship with God.

You will be serving alongside a cross-cultural team in partnership with local village churches to serve within the community by utilizing your hands through practical work. The specific needs are depending on each church in the village.

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Depending on the practical work you will be reaching out in one or two villages. Practical work can involve cleaning and painting houses of people in need, building a playground, constructing a garden, digging a toilet, cutting weeds etc. Most likely you will also do a kids program in addition to the practical work.

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Do you have a desire to share the Gospel through your practical gifts? Do you want to be challenged in your faith and experience God in a new way through cross-cultural ministry? Do you have a passion to reach the lost by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Come and join our Construction Outreach


You will stay in Chisinau in OM accommodations upon arrival and before departure. During outreach, you will stay either with local families or in church buildings in the villages. Please note, it may not be possible for groups, families, or married couples to stay together within the different accommodations.


Good Moldovan food is provided. Sometimes you as a team will have to prepare your own meal. Please come ready to serve together alongside the team. Please advise us if you have any dietary restrictions or needs.


Participants must arrange their own travel to and from Chisinau, Moldova. The Airport Code for Chisinau is: KIV. Participants will be picked up by OM team members at the airport, train- or bus station.


Participants must be in good health and physically able to stand, bend, lift, walk and do other physical activities as needed.


You can only enter Moldova with a Passport, not an ID card. Citizens from the EU, USA, Canada, Switzerland and a CIS countries do not need a Visa. All others may need a Visa. If a Visa is needed and costs are involved, this is the participant's responsibility to pay the fees.

Please note, we are NOT able to provide a Letter of Invitation for a Visa in all cases. Please check if you need a Letter of Invitation at http://www.mfa.gov.md/entry-visas-moldova/


We would greatly appreciate if you could help by fundraising money for construction materials for building playgrounds or other projects, this can cost an additional $2000. For families with very small children, some of the village conditions can be challenging. If there are not enough participants, we will propose another option.

Love Moldova Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPtXrU8Z3M4