To bring the gospel to the kids on the beach in Bar, Montenegro.

We want to bring the Gospel to the kids on the beach in Bar, Montenegro. Whether they are from Montenegro or they are families coming from a far as tourists.

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za 20 jul 2019 tot za 3 aug 2019
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Hosting a program by the beach in Montenegro, for kids and families to share the gospel with Kids and their families.

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Are you good with kids? Are you maybe a Sunday school teacher at your church? Do you feel led to sharing the gospel to kids that have never heard the gospel before?

Then we would like for YOU to join us in sharing the word of God to the Kids we meet on the beach. We will share Bible stories while acting them out to make it alive and vivid to the Kids. We will play games and have activities with them that point back to the stories and teach the kids how to bring what they learn with them. We will do crafts with them, that they can bring with them and remember the stories they heard.

What we are most excited about is to hand out Bibles to the kids so they can have the opportunity to read the stories themselves when Beach Club is over.


You´ll be staying at a guesthouse. There will be separate accomodation for males and females. Unless married.


Two meals will be provided by the Guesthouse (breakfast and dinner), after each day at the beach you will have lunch together with the team.


Please fly into the airport in Podgorica and try to arrive before noon.


You are expected to do well in warm weather and be able to engage with the Children in playing games.