Key verses: Matthew 6:9-13
“….Your Kingdom Come…” Matthew 6:10

When Jesus’ disciples saw the kind of relationship Jesus had with God, the Father, they wanted to know what his secret was! There was something special about the way Jesus spoke with God the Father… so Jesus disciples asked him…. ”teach us how to pray!” (Luke 11:1) In response to their request, Jesus taught them a prayer which many of us know as the ‘Lord’s Prayer’

Have you ever prayed that prayer? Or heard it being prayed by people around you?
Sometimes we can say or hear something so often, so automatically that we don’t even realise what we are saying or what it means!

This year at TeenStreet we want to look at this prayer that Jesus taught us and we want to discover all that Jesus wanted us to know of God and his heart for us when we pray like this! Jesus had such a close relationship with God – he said that he and the Father were one… and we are invited to have the same kind relationship with God!

In that prayer, Jesus told them to pray ‘Your Kingdom Come’… we want to be people who seek His Kingdom and who join in with Him in bringing the Kingdom CLOSER.

What will our world look like if the Kingdom comes CLOSER? What will our hearts and lives look like when we come CLOSER to the King, our Father? God has such good plans for us and the world we live in – and it’s always been his plan that we all come CLOSER to Him!


Hope to see you at TeenStreet 2018 in Oldenburg: 28 July–4 August!