TeenStreet 2020 – inscrever-se!


Hope to see you!

1-8 August 2020,
Oldenburg, Germany

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3500 teens and leaders from all over Europe together for 1 week of worship, Bible studies, fellowship, sport, fun and much more.

    Latest News

    TeenStreet 2020 Update

    TeenStreet 2020 will be more exciting than ever before. We will not be in Oldenburg this year, but this TeenStreet will see the start of a new year-long international community that connects you to Jesus and to both Jesus followers from around the world as well as from your own area.

    • Journey of Restoration

      “It was such a beautiful moment,” Gabi recalls. “We were all together; my father was playing the guitar and I started singing from my heart to God. We knew the darkness was over and that everything would be okay.”

    • So you think you know TeenStreet?

      It is not easy to describe TeenStreet (TS) to someone who hasn’t experienced it, and even those who keep coming back to TS might find it hard to grasp. Is it even possible to comprehend how big it is? Maybe not, but we would like to help you get the picture.

    • Inspired by TeenStreet (Part 2)

      For the last ten years, youth leaders in a Swedish church have been training teens to serve local people and churches around the world. This is the second part of the story about how TeenStreet became an inspiration to develop a fruitful youth programme equipping young people in missional discipleship for Christian leadership and missions. 

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