So you think you know TeenStreet?

Helen Winzell

It is not easy to describe TeenStreet (TS) to someone who hasn’t experienced it, and even those who keep coming back to TS might find it hard to grasp. Is it even possible to comprehend how big it is? Maybe not, but we would like to help you get the picture.

Let’s start with some facts from the kitchen. Every day the kitchen prepared 150 liters of coffee, 70 liters of hot chocolate and 50 litres of tea for breakfast. The chefs made 300 litres of rice porridge (for one breakfast – and they also served corn flakes). And would you like to know much cheese we ate? 360 kilos. 

During the week we used 1,600 litres of milk and 12,000 small packets of margarine in the dining hall. And about 84,000 plates were washed up since arrival day. 

One day we had goulash for dinner – 700 litres. Another day we had 630 kilos of tortellini (plus 50 kilos of veggie tortellini; lactose and gluten free not included). You can compare this to the 200 kilos of sugar used – in the kitchen only. 

But we didn’t just eat food from the kitchen. During the week we consumed nearly 1,500 kilos of French fries (which is definitely more than last year), 360 kilos of chicken nuggets, and 1,500 kilos of watermelon. (What a party!) 

Cool drinks seemed to be popular. 850 smoothies were sold on RAG day only, and 950 limes were needed to make the cocktails.

The coffee bar reported that the ice latte and ice chocolate were the most popular drinks, and that the 700 reusable cups were sold out in a few days. They used 32 kilos of espresso beans and 900 litres of milk. 

At the popcorn stand they popped 140 kilos of corn, used 80 litres of oil and 45 kilos of sugar. 2000 bags of popcorn were sold. (It is unclear how much salt was used...)

There were 30 people in the CleanStreet service team. They cleaned over 200 toilets and 100 showers every day. We used more than 1,500 toilet paper rolls (plus the other sort of toilet paper used) and 70 litres of soap, and we filled 3,000 trash bags.

The site used as much electricity as a large village, and in order to house everyone, 5,000 square feet tent were used. 

The most common thing to lose appeared to be the water bottle. 

There were over 1200 runners in the RAG race, and the total number of laps ran was 15,000. 

But TS is about so much more than espresso and French fries, and it’s impossible to describe the experience of being here. But one thing is for certain: An uncountable number of lives have changed this week – and that’s a fact.