Transform 2018 - Conference Only

The Transform Conference is a unique opportunity to meet and hear international speakers, and intercultural mission practitioners from the fields in the Mediterranean.
You will be refreshed and equipped to reach those in the Mediterranean including refugees, Muslims & trafficked peoples. The conference includes an outreach in Cambrils where conference participants put into practice the training received.

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Transform2018 Spain: WALK THE TALK

You will hike the Way of St. James with experienced OM leaders. You will find yourself surrounded by pilgrims coming from all parts of Spain and the rest of the world, and there will be lots of opportunities for you to make friends from all walks of life and share the gospel with them, both while you are walking and in the pilgrim hostels.

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Transform 2018 Spain: Rural villages of Extremadura

La Vera is a district of 19 small towns amoung the foothills of a mountain range in western Spain where most people have abandoned the traditional religion and many are searching for a good life in a "back to the earth" experience as well as various false religions, including New Age philosophies. Young people are basical anti-religious, many live a disorganized life-style, and some want to take life seriously but need the Truth.

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Transform2018 France - Unreached

Imagine an area covering 4000 square miles, with nearly 150,000 inhabitants... and only two or three churches! The department of Cantal in France is one of the least reached areas in the country. We will be joining with local believers accross the area to bring the gospel in very concrete ways to a people in great need.

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Transform 2018 Portugal - Summer Outreach Festival

Do you like to share your faith through music or personal interactions? Do you know how to sing or play an instrument? If so, come to Marinha Grande!

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Transform 2018 Portugal - Summer Kids Festival

Do you love to work with kids, and have a heart for reaching them with God's love? Come join us in Tomar, Portugal!

We will have a full week of children's outreach planned, which will include music, sports, group activities and Bible lessons. Come support the local church in Tomar as they reach out to the kids in their community!

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More outreaches will be available soon...