Transform 2019 - Conference Only

The Transform Conference is a unique opportunity to meet and hear international speakers, and intercultural mission practitioners from the fields in the Mediterranean.
The conference includes an outreach in Athens where conference participants put into practice the training received.

Transform 2019 - Cycling Team

One world two wheels!
Are you ready for a new adventure, which will impact your life and those around you? If you are passionate to cycle and have a great desire to share the Love of Christ. Be part of a missions conference and also get daily opportunities to cycle for Christ with other cyclist. This is a great opportunity Join us in our new adventure. Where are going to cycle average of 90km or more per day with a support vehicle, exploring the beautiful scenery of Greece. Where we will meet with our team, connect with locals and share the love of Christ. You will have the unique opportunity to be the light for those around you and enjoy a great team of cyclist. Of course on top of all you will have a lots of fun and Greek olives/yoghurt.

Transform 2019 Albania - Love Albania

For the past 2 years OM Albania has been helping a small local church in the village of Gorre, Albania.  Recently the church has renovated their building and can now house a team of up to 35 people.  The pastor of this church has a passion/vision to reach all of the surrounding villages near Gorre.  The villages are made up of primarily Greek Orthodox or Muslim families. 
The surrounding area near the village of Gorre has a population of about 80,000 people and there is only 2 churches.  The team will be split into groups and we plan on targeting the local villages near Gorre.  The team will be working primarily with kids and youth.  In the evening, we plan on having a time of reflections to hear what God has Done that day.

Transform 2019 Albania - Journey to the North

As we learn how to follow Jesus more closely individually and as a team in this Journey, we will do various trainings or teachings to help in the areas of spiritual and leadership development and will also be practical by ministering in a variety of ways in three different locations in the north of Albania (Koplik, Bajram Curri) and a location possible in Kosovo for about a week at each place. We want to be a part of relevantly impacting each of the areas we go to, strengthening and encouraging local church leaders by helping in the areas of ministry where needed. Even though we are in each area a short time, we believe this time can have eternal impact! We desire to hear God’s voice and to know His heart for us, Albania, and how we are to be a part of His Kingdom work even after this month together!

Transform 2019 Turkey - Power Prayer

As the Turkey Summer Outreaches happen, join the front lines to cover each team with daily intercession and encouragement on site.

Transform 2019 Turkey - Refugee Road

Join God’s movement among the refugees in Turkey. Visit refugee families, bring hope to their children, bless and support those faithfully serving them.

Transform 2019 Turkey - Body Builders

Join a small Christian fellowship where you will use your talents and gifts to encourage and support their efforts as well as help get the word out about the church’s presence in the city.

Transform 2019 Turkey - Bible Backpackers

What do you need to survive for 2 weeks in an unreached land? A backpack, sturdy walking shoes, and a whole lot of faith. Fill your pack with just the necessities and lots of Bible to hitchhike with a buddy through Western Turkey. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you bring His Word to the least reached.  
*Men only 18-68

Transform 2019 Turkey - Truth Travellers

Journey with your team around the least reached country in the world, Turkey, to be one of the first to to bring the Good News of Jesus to those living here. Listen to the Holy Spirit, and follow His lead as He arranges the people you will meet and where you will stay.

Transform 2019 Greece - Serving a small town church

Following the Transform 2019 Conference, come join us in reaching out to the people of Drama and put what you've learned into practice! Volunteers will come alongside the local church to support their ministry to the locals.

*FULL*  Transform 2019 Greece - Serving the rough part of town *FULL*

Following the Transform 2019 Conference, come join us in reaching out to the people of Thessaloniki and put what you've learned into practice! Volunteers will come alongside the local church in Thessaloniki and support their ministry to the refugees, homeless, and drug addicts.

Transform 2019 Greece - Heartbeat of Greece

Following the Transform 2019 Conference, come join us in reaching out to the people of Athens and put what you've learned into practice! Volunteers will support two local churches in their ministry among every-day Greeks, the homeless, and tourists.

Transform 2019 Greece - Backpacking Challenge

Following the Transform 2019 Conference, come join us on a 3-day, 200 kilometre prayer and backpacking trip. Travel from southern to central Greece and stop to pray for the people you meet along the way. The goal is not the destination, but the journey! Volunteers will backpack from the conference site in Athens towards Lamia in central Greece. The goal is volunteers will pray for at least 20 people a day during their travels. They will meet many Greeks and will oftentimes have to rely on the hospitality of the locals.

Transform 2019 Greece - Be a brother to the local Roma

Following the Transform 2019 Conference, come join us in reaching out to the Roma people in Patras and put what you've learned into practice! Volunteers will come alongside the local church in Patras and support their ministry to the Roma people.

Transform 2019 Greece - Dance Outreach

Participants of this outreach will visit refugee camps in the Attica region of Greece (the same region where Athens resides). During their time at the camps, they will organize dance performances and provide some dances classes for the refugees. Through this, they will build relationships and share the Gospel.

Transform 2019 Romania - Reaching Gypsies

Together with local believers and an international long-term ministry team we will stay in the Roma/Gypsy community of a small village, serve the people in need and encourage the local church in their efforts of reaching out to people from an Orthodox background who don't know how to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are simply aiming TO BE for Roma people, to live with them, attend their church services, listen to their stories and music, what they’re passionate about and the disappointments they’ve had, play with the kids and youth, pray for old and sick people, live a simple lifestyle, be a friend to the Gypsies.

Transform 2019 Serbia - Refugee Ministry

Transform 2019 ( is a unified effort around the Mediterranean to create momentum for the gospel by mobilizing people and training them in telling their personal God story.” In Serbia you will be supporting the team by providing relief for refugees.

On a highway near the border of Croatia, OM is providing help for the refugees in the One Stop Center "Adaševci" with their ‘Tea Tent’ and the camp laundry. You will be involved in providing drinks in the OM tea tent, keeping the tent area clean, working in the camp laundry, playing with kids, socialising with refugees, and sharing Christ’s love with them while respecting the rules of the camp.

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