TRANSFORM – starting tonight!


TRANSFORM 2018 is starting tonight in Tarragona, Spain, and we are busy welcoming and registering the nearly 80 participants from many nations. We are also looking forward to meeting the many local Christians that are coming as day guests. 

The first team is already cycling in the area, stopping to pray in villages without any evangelical witness. Please pray for this team, for safety on the roads, no punctured tires… and most important, for God to draw the villagers to himself. 


The Event

Are you a Vibrant follower of Jesus? Do you have a passion for the Gospel to touch Europe, Mediterranean and beyond? If so, you will be excited to join many other passionate Christians, young and old from all walks of Life in a Missions Conference geared to equipping the You to share Christ amongst the Least Reached communities of Europe, Mediterranean and Beyond.

Ever wonder if it’s possible to make your life count for something more?

Do you wonder why God gave you specific gifts and passions, and wish you could use them to impact others’ lives for eternity? Transform is not just a quick trip or exotic experience. It’s the chance you’ve been seeking to use your talents and passions to engage forgotten peoples, transform lives and communities, shed light in dark and hopeless places, show practical love to the lost, and fight for justice for the trafficked, poor and marginalised.

Your life in Christ can be that transformational message of hope to the hopeless. But what does that look like in real life? Transform is about young people from all over the world uniting in Tarragona, Spain for a week-long conference with powerful worship, practical workshops, opportunities to connect, and times of prayer and outreach to the lost – and then launching out on over 20 one-week to six-month outreach trips into the Mediterranean region and beyond.

Many of our teams are designed for you to bring your gifts and passions such as sports, art or photography. Often it is through using our gifts we find natural ways to share our faith with others. Maybe you have been moved by the huge number of refugees that are pouring into Europe, or you would like to use your medical skills to help the poor in Egypt?

Join Dancelink teams in Portugal to teach dance workshops and perform on the streets and in public venues. Or hike with the pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela (Spain). If you’re a photographer or journalist, poet, singer, you can transform your passion into ministry on almost any team option. Other outreaches focus on refugees in Italy, local people in France, the poor in North Africa, or minister to victims of human trafficking. We try to find creative ways of communicating the gospel of Jesus all wherever we go.


The gospel in Europe is not only declining but it is nearly being forgotten. To be a Jesus follower is seen as ignorant. Through that we see a hopeless generation in need of God. Also,

the Mediterranean is a region steeped in history and a heritage of Christian faith – in fact, Jesus Christ was born and fulfilled His life-transforming ministry in the Mediterranean. Christianity’s roots lie in this region, yet out of the 480 million people living in 21 modern countries in the Mediterranean, only a few know who Jesus Christ really is or the story of how He can change their lives and give them hope. The Transform team has a vision of calling out workers to reach the Europe and the Mediterranean for Christ, bringing Christianity back to its roots and the Gospel back to the place where the story began.


The Transform conference is hosted by the Complex Educatiu de Tarragona, Autovía Salou, s/n . This beautiful site will be a great place for refreshment and preparing us for the coming outreaches. You’ll also find sports grounds for relaxing and building friendships with your fellow Transform participants. One of the most rewarding aspects of the Transform experience is the chance to connect with people from other nationalities with the same heart and vision for Christ and His work. Transform participants (by gender) share a room. Wi-fi is available. All meals and accommodations are covered by conference costs and provided on site.