Sportslink – Football Coaching & Evangelism Training- VIRTUAL

Using sport has proven to be a great way to build relationships in the community; it is also a great platform for sharing about Jesus. Join us online and learn how to improve your football coaching skills and how to make disciples in and through sport.

This is a ‘Hybrid’ outreach. Want to join us but travel restrictions inhibit? Join us virtually!

Do you follow Jesus? Are you also a passionate sportsperson, coach or fan? Did you know that when we play sport or coach we can use this as a unique way to worship the One who gave us these gifts and talents? Also did you know that in and through sport we can bring the good news to others and disciple them to follow Jesus more closely?

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Families welcome
Groups welcome
Fri 10 Sep 2021 to Sun 12 Sep 2021
Apply by
Fri 3 Sep 2021
14.00 USD
18 -
Ministry details

Participants will be challenged on their character both on and off the sports field with interactive and practical workshops which will develop them into wholistic sports leaders.
With topics like:
Sport as Worship
Sport as discipleship
Disciple Making Movements (DMM) and
Discovery Bible Study (DBS)
Football Coaching in a godly way
Practical Football Coaching
How to run a Football training session
Go Strategies
Tools and Resources

Some of this training will be available to you online. While you will miss the application time outside you will be able to connect with the programme at certain times through the weekend.

You will be informed of timings of sessions once determined. This may vary day to day to account for the physical programme.

Participant profile

You must be able to hold a simple conversation in English, have a good internet connection and be able to join us using Microsoft Teams. Participants can be sent instructions on how to download this upon acceptance if needed.












This Hybrid Outreach is limited to 20 people.
All live sessions will be arranged for UK time, so participants from other time zones would need to be aware.

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