Returning to Transform

written by Nicole James

Last year I came to Transform, excited to be going into missions. I thought the preaching and the seminars were very motivating, especially the seminars about reaching out to Muslims,  They really touched my heart.

This year at Transform is different because I’m already in North Africa, so the conference is more of a refreshment. It is part of my training to see the ministry in another Muslim country, to get a broad view of the different Muslim cultures and maybe different ways of ministering.

It’s worthwhile to come back to Transform for the new speakers and new topics. People don’t have to worry about having the same programme and getting bored. If you attend the conference in combination with the outreach, you will get so much experience. It will probably be different from what you expect. But the conference is worth it for sure. There’s motivation and spiritual input. You won’t be sorry you came.

*Name changed for security

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