Second Transform, this time together with her sister

written by Nicole James

“Transformation for me means something changing you so that people want to know about that change; what makes you different from others. At Transform we learnt how that change works, and how that change happens in our lives every day,” explained Dana.

Dana joined the Transform 2017 conference based on the recommendation of her sister, Hannah, who first attended Transform in 2016. Afterwards, Hannah had visited a few churches in Spain, mostly Filipino congregations, to share her experience. “I was able to encourage and pray for young people to consider joining OM, or to get a glimpse of what mission looks like,” she recounted.

Hannah told me "Europe needs a lot of missions, especially nowadays. Youth really aren’t involved in spreading the gospel. I’m used to joining my sister in some trips and conferences, but this time, it’s really exciting because it’s international.” 

According to Hannah, attending Transform together with Dana was “a great blessing because I’ve been praying for my sister to get involved with missions and get to see what happens between the missionaries coming and going. I believe that it’s been a good thing for us to develop more of a relationship together and also [deepen] our relationship with God.”

Hannah said her favorite part of Transform was the daily 07:30am prayer meetings. “You get to be vulnerable with each other, and you’re just transparent and genuine, even though you don’t know them your entire life. You have only just met here, but Christ unites us so much, and we get to connect on that level.”

Spanish sisters at Transform2017; Hannah came last year, and brought her sister Dana for the first time this year.

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