Kaharlyk is a small town not far from Kyiv. Ukraine’s economy is in bad shape. This is especially prevalent in towns where unemployment is high and wages very low. In the hope of changing this situation and building a vibrant community the OM Field Leader of Ukraine, Wayne Zschech, has been involved in creating a transformational enterprise.

The goal to make fuel from plastic waste and create jobs for the local people. Besides the enterprise, he is also the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Kaharlyk and helps to develop the cricket in Ukraine. Kaharlyk has the only dedicated cricket field and training facility in Ukraine but he is in need of a cricket player/coach to come and to develop the cricket ministry.

Our sustainability project “Clean Soul – Clean City”  has the goal of transforming and building up a vibrant community that is enabled to stand on its own feet.

At our enterprise, we have created a pyrolysis machine that transforms plastic waste into a combustible liquid fuel oil. In the future, we plan to a fuel good enough to fuel cars and trucks.