| Rzhyshchiv |

Rzhyshchiv - Population 6000. Being situated in a beautiful valley 90km SE of Kyiv and right on the Dnipro River, Rzhyshchiv is the ideal location for a holiday home, or to live close enough to the big city, but still far enough away to be close to nature. Rzhyshchiv is home to 4 technical schools, each housing 300-400 students during the school year. This was the reason Shane & Jemimah (Couple on the right) were drawn to this beautiful town in the first place. Their hearts and desire is to reach the next generation with the gospel and the technical schools give them great access to those young lives. They endeavour to show them an alternative lifestyle to the drugs, alcohol and self-indulgence that is so prevalent today, They open the bible with them and show them the alternative - a life filled with peace, joy and hope, a life filled with Christ. Shane & Jemimah run all kinds of programs throughout the year from camps to English clubs and lessons, to football and table tennis events, all aimed at 'casting the net' to see who Christ has called. They also run discipleship groups for both young men and young women, for those who want to know more about God and what He desires for their lives. 

Their home is always open and is constantly filled with the laughter and joy that the youth bring. They love to cook and feed their hungry bellies, and then feed their souls. Their future plan is to open a youth centre in their town so they can reach a greater number of students. Plans are already in place and they are praying for wisdom and God's intervention as they navigate the path towards building and construction. 


| Kaharlyk |

Kaharlyk is a small town not far from Kyiv. Ukraine’s economy is in bad shape. This is especially prevalent in towns where unemployment is high and wages very low. In the hope of changing this situation and building a vibrant community the OM Field Leader of Ukraine, Wayne Zschech, has been involved in creating a transformational enterprise.

The goal to make fuel from plastic waste and create jobs for the local people. Besides the enterprise, he is also the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Kaharlyk and helps to develop the cricket in Ukraine. 

 Clean Soul – Clean City


This is the current main focus of the team in Kaharlyk. They are in the process of developing a pyrolysis plant to convert plastic and other waste sources into fuel and other marketable products. The plan, when plant is developed, is to begin production and expand our operations throughout Ukraine and beyond.

The team currently includes local Ukrainians who are highly committed and motivated to seeing the project succeed. We hope to be able to provide fair-paying employment to support many families and have a model of Workplace Discipleship in which we build relationships with our workers and give them opportunities to explore Christianity if they would like.

We also hope to use a portion of the profits as a sustainable means to fund future church planting and mission. Finally, the project is also a practical way to care for the Earth God has given us in a sustainable way since the plastic waste problem is vast in Ukraine as it is in many places around the world.

The project came as a result of a series of projects undertaken by Wayne who, as the new pastor of the church twenty years ago, wanted to address the high unemployment rate and lack of gospel access in his local community. Through projects like growing mushrooms, producing biogas and then biodiesel from waste cooking oil from McDonald’s, he has found many ways to create jobs and gospel opportunity through the relationships built. The pyrolysis project will hopefully take this to the next level. 

The Cricket Ministry

Wayne’s passion for cricket has led him to build Ukraine's only permanent cricket facility and engage with the thriving cricket community of Indian medical students in Kyiv. It has been a brilliant way to build relationships and share Jesus with those who would otherwise likely never meet a Christian.

Tournaments have been run regularly at times with up to 50 cricket players staying in the church over a tournament weekend. For many of them, they have never played with a hard cricket ball or on grass, so the Kaharlyk pitch feels like playing at Lord’s for them.

There has also been engagement from local Ukrainians who have embraced the sport and participated strongly in the weekend tournaments and represented the Ukraine national team on European tours.

We are praying for God to bring us more workers to build and grow this ministry as with the infrastructure in place, it has much potential for this ministry to grow especially in expanding into engaging the local schools with the sport.