During communist times, children's ministry - thus evangelism of children were unlawful. Still today we see a lack of understanding of how to reach out to children and the importance of this ministry is still undervalued, even though we see courses at seminaries on children's ministry and many missions are working to develop children's ministry. Since before 2000 and up to this day the OM Team in Vinnitsa has been serving the local church in villages to set up Sunday school ministry. 
Also as part of the legacy of communism, Ukraine is the country in the world with the highest percentage of orphans and the Odessa province is the province with the most orphanages housing more than 4000 children. The future of these children is truly dire as statics show that life expectancy for Ukrainian orphans are between 23 and 26 years of age. In different provinces OM teams are reaching out to Orphans and working towards raising awareness about this problem. 
The war in the east of Ukraine that has been raging now for more than two years also contributes to the growth in vulnerable populations. Our teams also works towards serving children from vulnerable families, living in poverty, broken families and families plagued by substance abuse as their children are at risk of being orphaned and of parents losing or giving up their parental rights.

This Key ministry includes these aspects:

  • Work in orphanages in collaboration with local churches, monthly visits, humanitarian aid and other programs. 
  • Outreach projects to children at risk including the JAM after school centre
  • Summer camp and outdoor ministry
  • Mentoring for orphans
  • Mobilising church youth for volunteer work in all the above projects 
  • Training events for volunteers.
  • Puppet ministry outreach to schools, orphanages and villages
  • Raising up Sunday school and children's ministry in Villages
  • Community Awareness projects