OM Rivne team was founded back in 1994 by few committed missionaries from South Africa: Dirk Human and Willem Van Der Colff and also missionaries from USA. In the beginning, it was an aid in development of local churches. Later OM Rivne team began to grow and started to translate OM books into Ukrainian and Russian. Radio ministry started and was broadcasting Christian podcasts. Also a Christian TV channel started by aid of OM Rivne team. In that time God started to move powerfully through the OM Rivne sport ministry. Rivne team started to mobilize churches for reaching youth. Through the Christian sport Olympics we were able to enter schools of the city and thousands of teenagers heard the gospel and they were able to join local churches.

| School of Courage  | 

In the summer of 2017, Igor (2nd person from the left) helped in a non-Christian camp for at-risk teenagers. In order to better connect with the group he was responsible for, he started training them in kickboxing each morning. One evening, Igor shared how he met God and the whole group gave their lives to Christ! 

Igor had started discipling and training a couple of young men from his Church, helping them to grow in confidence and learn self-defence. These events made Igor realise just how effective sport can be as a tool for sharing the Gospel and making disciples, who then go on to make disciples themselves! 

Today, about 130 young people have become Christians and the school provides kickboxing training 3 times a week for children and teenagers many of whom are already taking part in local competitions and some in regional and national competitions! The school also runs a summer sports camp and from this coming year there will be a winter one also. Weekly youth meetings are also held where youths are taught from the Bible and disciples. 

| Ministry to the Jews & Mission School | 

Because of the necessity of legal support OM Ukraine was registered back in year 2000 and was legally called “Promise of peace”. The goal of this legal registration was to support mission with legal paper work. A team of Christian professionals was build: a legal person, bookkeeper, Oleg Abaturov was assigned to be a legal director. Now he takes responsibility for OM Rivne team.
Today OM Rivne team in partnership with local churches is actively serving IDPs from the east Ukraine by providing a humanitarian and practical aid. OM Rivne cares of IDPs through men and women clubs for IDPs, also getting their children involved in sport youth ministry, bringing them gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way.

One of the priority ministry of OM Rivne is a ministry to the Jews as one of the least reached nations. OM Rivne team does many mission trips to the east Ukraine. OM Rivne is taking part in an evangelization projects, training missionaries in zones, which are close to the war frontline. A mission to reach the least reached inspired us to start a missionary training center in Rivne. There are thousands of Russian speaking people live in EU and Israel. We also training missionaries to join ship’s ministry with OM Ships. All these drives us to answer a God’s calling to train disciples to do a mission work.