The conflict in Ukraine has evolved through multiple stages over the past two years: Starting with the EuroMaidan Revolution, the Russian annexation of Crimea and culminating with the war in Eastern Ukraine which have caused a humanitarian disaster. Fighting is still going on, the death toll has risen to 10 090 with  23966 injured by May 15, 2017, according to 18th report from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Just in 2017, 62 civilians were killed.  Over a thousand people are missing... 1.3 million people are internally displaced (IDP). 
The humanitarian situation is extremely serious for IDPs and the more than 5 million people remaining in the war zone. 
Continued shelling of strategic infrastructure caused significant damage so that access is limited to water, electricity, central heating and natural gas. Banks, bridges, hospitals, residences, children's homes and schools have been shelled. 

Another disturbing fact is the scale and systematic nature of abuses against Christians in Ukraine’s occupied territories.
Economically the war has taken its toll severely impacting vulnerable populations. 
With the current geopolitical situation as it is, the conflict looks set to continue. Even after the peace is restored, rebuilding the damage and bringing restoration will take years.


Based on our experience working with churches within the conflict zone in the East of Ukraine, we realise that our focus needs to be helping churches in reaching the unreached. People are still in desperate need for basic care - fresh water, food, clothing, wood for stoves and other humanitarian aid, but more than ever, in such uncertain times people are open to the Gospel.  This project includes reconstruction of destroyed homes, humanitarian assistance, conducting camps for children, aid to IDPs including psychological help and practical legal assistance, investing in Christian ethics teaching and evangelical outreach.