Our team is based in the city of Vinnitsa. It is in the central part of Ukraine.
Area: 113.2 km² Population: 372432 (2015). Confessional composition: Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism.

The name of the city came from the Old Slavonic word "vno" - a gift. There are several versions explaining the name of the city: "winery" - distillery, where beer and wine were brewed, and Vinnichka - a river. The city has ancient roots. Where the modern Vinnitsa is built, were found settlements of Scythian and Old Russian times.

Our team in Vinnitsa has founded 23 years ago. Many foreigners and Ukrainians served in the team over the years with various ministry initiatives. God led us through many challenges.
Our ministry is mainly directed at children and teenagers. to a new generation. We work in the Vinnitsa region, which includes 27 districts, 18 cities, 29 urban-type settlements, 1466 villages. At the moment, we have four people in the team. Venya is the administrator of the property and is responsible for ministry transportation. Vadim is the team bookkeeper and responsible for the puppet ministry. Dean is the OM Ukraine personnel officer as well as serving on our new generation ministry team. Tanya is the coordinator of the team in Vinnitsa and responsible for the children's summer camps and the opening of Sunday schools in Vinnytsia region. We are few, with much work to do. Therefore, our hope is in God, who can do great things with small things. "