“Our government does not allow religious preaching. You must stop preaching or otherwise you will face problems,” said one government official to a team of OM workers in his village in South Asia. The team had entered the village to share the gospel with anyone willing to listen.

As of recently, it has become more difficult to share the gospel since the government passed a national anti-conversion law forbidding anyone from doing anything that will influence someone to change their religion. Despite the spike in Christian persecution, local OM workers are faithfully serving God by doing what He tells them to do even if it may seem very risky or unsafe. “We humbly told him, 'Thank you for the information, but we don’t force people to listen to the gospel without their permission,'” said Ruth*, a local OM worker.

When the government official left, the team continued looking for open doors and met two families. “They were very interested in hearing the gospel and liked what they heard,” said another OM worker. The team gave them two audio Bibles to listen to and received the assurance that they would not only listen to the Scripture but also share this truth with others in their village.

“They told us not to worry about the government officials because they can’t stop us from preaching here because we are locals and they chose to listen,” recited Ruth. The families further added that if the OM team didn’t come that day they would have never heard about the true God. They even invited the team to come again and teach them more about God and the gospel.

At the end of the trip, the team thanked God for giving them strength and wisdom to remain faithful. They strongly felt that the Holy Spirit was telling them, “Don’t stop sharing with the people how much I love them because I sent you there.”

Pray for the local believers to have enough faith to be obedient to God even in the face of persecution. Pray God will open the hearts of the people to know Him, believe in Him and love Him. Pray that despite the anti-conversion law, even more people will come to Christ.

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