House Parents in an integration centre for Christian refugees in southern Austria, helping immigrants to integrate into their new home and at the same time grow in their faith and share it with others.


In Graz (southern Austria), the charity PEACE & HOPE operates since 2016 a house with several apartments. This house is a shelter for Christian refugees. Now the plan it to expand the ministry there into an integration center. The goal is that Christian immigrants as well as seekers will find a home. At the same time, we want to help them integrate into their new home country and we want to encourage them to grow in the Christian faith and be a testimony to others from their cultural background.

For this we are looking for house parents. We would be happy to have a middle-aged or older couple (possibly in early retirement) with intercultural experience, maybe even some years living in the Islamic world or in the Orient, being familiar with the culture (possibly also with an oriental language - e.g. Farsi, Dari, Arabic). An apartment in the house would be provided on favorable terms. We do not necessarily need people with special craftsmanship but with great social skills, i.e. in particular a great empathy in dealing with people from other (here oriental) cultures.

German is not a requirement but a wilingnes to learn it.

Start date
As soon as possible
1-2 Years
Full Time
Mentoring and Discipleship, Training

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