Supporting the local church: Mercy Ministries

OM Greece, in partnership with various local churches and organisations, is involved in reaching out through mercy projects to the poor and needy. These projects offer not only free warm food, access to showers, laundry and clothing, but a chance for people to find welcome, a listening ear, and the message of hope that comes from and through Jesus Christ.  Come and serve as His hands and feet in Athens!


OM Greece's vision is to partner with and serve the local church and we seek to do so by committing our team members to not only attend, but also work alongside and represent OM from within various local churches. 
With the current political and financial climate, more and more Greeks are finding themselves struggling to support their families.  As well as the obvious needs, there is a growing sense of loneliness, as this previously family-centric culture breaks down in the face of every increasing hardship.  Meanwhile, refugees and immigrants from the developing world continue to arrive seeking a better life, to find an attitude of mistrust and growing racial prejudice in a country that is failing to find employment for its own people, let alone anyone else. 
At present, OM is actively serving with two churches' feeding programmes, and 2 drop-in centres which provide much-needed community, free clothing, and showers. The second drop-in centre has just opened and desperately needs workers. This is only the tip of the iceberg - there is a great deal that needs to be done! 

To do this ministry you need:

  • Patience                           
  • Willingness to learn Greek
  • Be able to work well in a team
  • A respect for and willingness to learn about other countries cultures
  • Enjoy sharing your faith and serving in practical ways
  • Some organisational skills

Experts aren't required - teachable people are!

Start date
As soon as possible
Length of Commitment
As long as possible
Full or part time
Full Time
Evangelism, Relief and Development

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