God instead of a gun

A story of God's grace and the life changing transformation of Juan and his family in Santay Island, Ecuador.

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A Child's answered prayer

Jean Pierre's prayer was answered during a Christmas celebration with OM in La Estancia/Simón Bolívar which was impacted by the 2016 earthquake.

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School of Missions & Cross-Cultural Studies "ECTM"

This is an intensive training & mentoring program to equip Christian men and women for missions, providing spiritual disciplines, cross-cultural intelligence, and practical tools to prepare you to live and serve effectively in a cross-cultural environment, in order to contribute to teams world-wide.”

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Awakening Latin America

Doulos had a transforming impact on Latin America and its church. To this day, it is remembered as the initiator of the mission movement in Latin America.

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No one too small to be a mobiliser

Nathan Schmutz, an OMer working in Latin America, shares how a five year-old girl embodies OM's new mission statement.

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Bringing hope and love to children

Candy Arteaga, serving with OM Ecuador, brings the love and hope of Jesus to children in a local hospital.

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Shoulders to work alongside and to cry on

Carmita from the city of Pedernales and Rosita from the community of La Estancia acknowledge God's work through the OM teams sent to their people affected by the earthquake.

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BLOG: How circumstances teach us about glorifying God

OMer Katanga discusses how learning that he has contracted asthma relates to his ministry life and how God is sufficient in all circumstances - and glorifying Him is the most important part of any Christian ministry.

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Taking the leap

The lives of children in a small Ecuadorian community are changed through the love of an OM and short-term team during a week of VBS.

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While in His presence

The figures of impact were impressive during a recent medical outreach in the indigenous region of Guamote in Ecuador. But only because He showed up.

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