Up against the "big boys"

Football lovers of Logos Hope were stoked when they found out they would have the rare opportunity to play a match against the “big boys” of Myanmar. “Big boys” – not only because they were once national football players competing regionally and internationally, but also in the literal sense as almost all of them were above 60 years old!

The match, held in the old national stadium of Yangon, was special for both players and spectators. The rainy weather throughout the entire match did not dampen the spirits of the players, but rather brought both teams to a more level playing ground. The ex-national players proved that age did not define their physical ability. Their regular exercise and practice paid off as they scored their first goal just 10 minutes into the first half and eventually won the match with a score 4-3. The Logos Hope team, young but comparatively inexperienced, put on a tough fight till the very end and displayed great sportsmanship.

One Logos Hope team member, Jona Reinhardt (Germany), who scored one of the goals, shared that it was his first time playing against ex-national players. “I never dreamt that I would be able to play against any national players,” said Jona. “It’s a dream I had since watching my home team play against the ex-national players of Germany when I was 14!” After the match, the ex-national players and their manager visited the ship and both teams enjoyed a time of fellowship over dinner. Laughter resounded around the table as the players recalled snippets of the earlier match. Another team member, Samuele Cestari (Italy), was impressed with their energy level despite their age. “I hope I will still be able to play like them when I reach that age,” expressed Samuele.  

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