A 1,000 kyat (1USD) boat ride across the river from where Logos Hope is berthed is a village called Ngazin. Teams of Logos Hope crewmembers have been crossing the river to help in refurbishing a newly-erected building which will serve to be a clinic and children’s centre for the village and two others beside it. In a village comprising of mostly old bamboo huts with no proper water supply and light source, the two-storey building stood out from the rest.

The centre will be able to serve and provide medical help to more than 10,000 people from three villages and be used as an education centre to propel children to learn. Founder of the centre, Dim, explained that many families here rely on manual and low-paying jobs for their livelihood. The only solution to change the situation is through educating the young. Dim had acquired the piece of land by faith and had no idea how she would set up the centre. She never expected that a ship would arrive; bringing people from all nations with different skillsets to provide just what she needed. Logos Hope not only donated the necessary materials, but also provided manpower from the engine, electrical and maintenance departments to help with tiling, painting, fixing of doors and lights, welding and various other jobs to get the centre up and running in the shortest possible time.

“The teams have provided much more help than what I expected,” expressed Dim. “It’s not just merely words that Logos Hope is bringing knowledge, help and hope, it truly and practically is!” Dim emphasised that practical help is much more valuable than donation of money alone. She hopes to be able to open the centre and begin medical treatment for villagers by the end of the year. 

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