Logos Hope had the opportunity to send a challenge team to a church near the Thailand-Myanmar border in a village called Hpa An. Through preaching at Sunday service, a youth programme, children ministry, sports and doing practical work such as fixing and repainting the church, they could connect with villagers and encourage the local church. Although it was only four days, the team felt that they did many things and was thankful for the fruitful time spent.

On the youth programme night, the team encouraged youths to take the step of faith for missions through a performance of the “Who Will Go” drama as well as sharing their testimonies. “I was able to share my testimony about how God aligns the desires that He’s given us with His plan to further His kingdom,” shared one of the team members, Camille Vanden Heuvel (USA). “I could pray with a girl my age who wasn’t sure about God's calling for her life.” During Sunday service, Tobi Merz (Germany) also shared a message encouraging the church to be the salt and light in their community. He affirmed the church members that God has gifted them with what they need to be a blessing to their neighbours and to glorify His name.

Over the days, the team learnt a lot from the locals about living simply and serving humbly despite their tough circumstances. Everyone, including the Pastor, helped out in every way they could. “I was surprised that the pastor and members of the church stayed back to work with us, to paint and clean the church, even after Sunday service,” recalled Team leader, Sveta Soloveva (Russia). “The Pastor has really taught us how to truly be humble servants of God.”



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