A major milestone was reached as the five-millionth visitor climbed up the gangway to visit Logos Hope in Yangon, Myanmar, this week. This comes just a few months after the ship completed a six-month period of upgrades to replace two generators. Local taxi driver Mr. U Tin Hla, and his family of four, were welcomed at 11:30am local time on Tuesday, 6 October 2015, by Logos Hope Director Seelan Govender (South Africa), Captain Tom Dyer (USA) and Managing Director of Public Ministries Ronnie Lappin (UK).  

Excited, as well as somewhat overwhelmed by all the attention, Mr. Hla said he had first read about the visit of Logos Hope in the newspaper and was keen to come on board to find books for his teenage children. When it was revealed to him that he was a very special visitor, Mr. Hla commented, “I never expected this, not even in my dreams!”  It was his family’s first visit to the ship and they were grateful for the warm hospitality they received. To celebrate the occasion, Mr. Hla was presented with a bookfair voucher of 5,000 units.

Captain Tom gave a personal tour of the ship to the family. They visited the bridge, and he even showed them his cabin. “I am excited that this took place in Yangon, Myanmar, and am amazed at the many visitors we have every day!” expressed Captain Tom. “Each person who walks up the gangway represents an opportunity to bring knowledge, help and hope.” Logos Hope will be docked in Ahline International Port Terminal in Yangon until 15 October. 

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