Seeing miracles at Siloam

Siloam was the place in the Bible where Jesus sent the blind man whose eyes He had covered with mud paste. When the man washed off the clay mixture at the pool of Siloam, he could see.

Now, Logos Hope’s crewmembers are sharing the love of Jesus with sick children at a Christian retreat in Curaçao, which is named after the pool in Jerusalem – and they’ve already seen a miracle at the Caribbean Siloam.

Two men and two women from the ship are volunteering at the centre while Logos Hope is in dry dock for annual maintenance. They are offering help to the Dutch couple running the facility, which cares for children suffering from serious medical conditions.

Seven youngsters are currently living at Siloam, aged from three to 14 years old. Their diagnoses are varied: from HIV to heart disease, Down’s Syndrome and kidney problems. Several of the children were victims of violence when they lived with their families.

As well as spending time with the young people during breakfast and after school, the crewmembers have been gardening, painting and cleaning the dormitories.

“We came with great expectations and our hearts' desire is to share God´s love, to serve Him with excellence and to see the children’s lives restored, transformed and healed,” says team leader Borgi Bareiss (Germany), who is also a trained nurse.

Prayers have already been answered with the team seeing a miraculous improvement in the condition of a seven year-old girl whose heart was only functioning at seven percent capacity. “Her doctor was delighted that her heart is beating more strongly and she has gained weight,” Borgi says. “The doctor reduced her medication and the girl has invited Jesus into her heart. We are expecting more miracles to come!”

Two boys have since made decisions to accept Christ, as the team carries on sharing hope at Siloam.

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