Thorough Preparation

The musical outreach "The Sound of Easter" was organised by Rachel* from the OM Arts department. Several team members from Linz took part, and also three churches in Vienna.

They spent the first few days practising working together, learning musical scores, and then dividing into two groups - one made up of professional musicians who prepared a classical programme, and the others who practised German Christian songs.

A Bold Beginning

The team then moved out to minister in homes for the elderly, a homeless residence, a refugee home, churches, and to play open air in the city centre.

Seraina*, from the OM Linz team, shares: “Our first outreach was an open-air on the Kaerntnerstrasse--the main shopping street--with Stefan*, a local evangelist, sharing the gospel with his sketch board. Our choir drew the crowd together and after Stefan shared the gospel we had many interesting conversations with the bystanders.”

Different Places, Open Doors

Then came a busy programme for the team members--they constantly experienced God touching hearts, and many listeners were moved to tears through the beautiful music of the professional musicians, through testimonies and personal conversations.

Two members of the team gave a testimony at each meeting, and it was amazing how each time, just the right person was sharing - God knew just which person’s story was right for each group. In a home for the homeless, one man gave his life to Jesus.

Creative Communication

More children than adults turned up for the evening programme in the refugee home, so the team quickly adapted their choice of music.

The atmosphere was wonderful. Creativity and humour were sometimes needed because of the language barrier, and one girl from Hong Kong broke the ice in a home for the elderly when she showed the residents photos of her country on her mobile phone.

Pray that God will continue to work in the hearts of the many people who heard the Easter message. Pray that the seeds sown will grow and many will put their trust in Jesus.


* surname not included for security reasons


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