A team of Logos Hope crewmembers visited a local church to encourage fellow Christians to consider being more mission-minded.

Reformed Presbyterian Associated Church "La Santísisma Trinidad" (Holy Trinity) was founded 138 years ago. It only started to focus seriously on missions two and half years ago. The visitors from the ship were given the opportunity to share about the calling God inspires in His followers’ hearts, and the importance of telling those who haven't heard about Jesus Christ.

The team was welcomed by Pastor José Othoniel Juarez Baez and his church before the group separated, to minister both to the children as well as the main church congregation. Aileen Tan (Singapore) spoke about Operation Mobilisation, Prisca-Sarah Baligand (France) shared about the vessel’s focus on knowledge, help and hope, and Amelia Vine (Wales) told the story of her calling and desire to serve God through this ministry.

Michael Bukit (Canada) related his own life experience and explained that he has come to a greater understanding of God’s person since stepping out to serve Him in obedience and trust. Michael, who has come to Logos Hope before starting his university studies, pointed to passages in the Bible that demonstrate the importance of Christians surrendering to God’s calling when it comes to serving Him.

Pastor José Othoniel explained that a number of women from his church went to a conference on the ship which confirmed what they as a body had been focusing on in recent years. “It is God’s heart, it is God’s purpose, and this purpose is taking place in many types of churches. To accomplish God’s mission, we cannot think about denominations; we cannot think about one nation in particular. We all have to be united in prayer, in offerings and in sending [missionaries].”

Members of the church were thankful for the message shared by the ship’s crew and said it would encourage them towards a goal they have recently been focusing on. The crewmembers expressed the hope that the hand-made flags displayed around the church would serve as a reminder that people in many nations still need to hear the Good News.

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