86,400 seconds in a day

Oranjestad, Aruba :: A visit from Logos Hope crewmembers to an OANSA kids’ club sparks excitement as the children anticipate their visit to the vessel.

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Strategic Worship Outings create chance for connection

An incorrect GPS coordinate leads a worship team to the end of the road, yet God has another route planned.

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Hope transmitted. HopeXchanged.

People involved in HIV and AIDS ministries get together to encourage and learn from one another.

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Easter puppet outreach in Vinnitsa province

In the weeks around Easter, the OM team in Vinnitsa reached out with a gospel puppet show to more than 1,500 people.

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God arrives by bus

A lady offering cheese in payment for books was just one of many people who visited the Bus4Life, hungry to hear from God.

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Trickle-down witness

OM worker Andrew is encouraged to see the vibrancy of Jesus followers in Bangladeshi villages as one changed life impacts others.

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Mobilising 50 million

With millions of evangelicals with easy-going personalities, Brazil could become a game changer for the gospel.

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The sound of Easter

Thirteen musicians and singers arrived in Vienna from all over the world, to take part in the musical outreach, ‘The Sound of Easter.’

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Two curious Muslim girls

Two Muslim girls from Central Asia hear the entire gospel story.

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The return of 'the book ship'

Kingston, Jamaica :: Excitement is palpable among crewmembers and visitors alike as ‘the book ship’ reopens on the island of Jamaica.

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Modelling how Jesus lived

Only five known believers existed in Nepal when it opened its doors in 1951—now there are an estimated one million. Discover the role OM has played there since 1968.

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These are the Crossroads

Christiana, a short term mission participant from Great Britain, shares insights from her visit to Crossroads church plant in Odessa, Ukraine.

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The joy of giving

The children at Meetse Bophelo Centre learn to bless their community through the act of giving.

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Delia's story

An Uzbek girl living in Istanbul, Turkey enters into relationship with Jesus after having a dream.

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The stories brothers

The OM Ghana school ministry is a team of two, both passionate about reaching school children through stories and discipleship.

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To understand who Jesus is

An OMers love for people from the Island of Comoros led her to start a Discovery Bible Study for them at a university.

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Love Europe: Revamping summer outreaches

The first Love Europe was a milestone in OM history, with 7,000 gathered for a conference in Germany before moving into Communist, Muslim and urban Europe to share the gospel.

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Connecting to worship in Central Asia

An app of praise and worship songs is allowing Central Asian believers to share and access music in their heart languages.

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A Four-box ministry model

OM’s Arabian Peninsula field leader shares stories of ministry among Gulf Arabs using what he calls a "four-box" model.

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The Day in between

An English teacher, who has lived in North Africa for many years, has the opportunity to share with students about Easter and what it means.

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