Heroes of San Fernando

San Fernando, Philippines :: A Logos Hope team esteems the Philippine National Police for working alongside the crew during this visit.

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Pause for thought: the Cistercians

This is a tale of corporate identity, core values, organisational DNA and change management—all those things we hold near and dear to our hearts.

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When salt meets salt

San Fernando, Philippines :: A young woman is able to release her heart's cry because God's timing is so much better than our plans or expectations.

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Will animals love me when humanity doesn’t?

San Fernando, Philippines :: A filipono woman finally finds the attention she craves.

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Handmade: TeenStreet Egypt 2015

TeenStreet Egypt combines small groups, worship, art and sports to teach teens that they are God’s own handmade creations.

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After four years in operation, the people from the Sunshine Centre are looking forward to the expansion of its residential capacity.

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A night of appreciation

San Fernando, Philippines :: A spirit of thankfulness is shared by all at the appreciation dinner held on board Logos Hope.

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Baseball Ministry In Hungary

Sports ministry is having an impact on peoples' lives, both young and old. In Hungary its no different with their ever growing Baseball Ministry

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Blessed through glorifying

Name: Nataly Tikhonovich

Home: Krasnoyask, Russia

Born in: November, 1989

Joined OM Ships: February, 2012

Previous employment: Hairstylist

Job on board: Vision team coordinator

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Beautiful feet

San Fernando, Philippines :: A Logos Hope team goes door-to-door to visit homes in the mountains with youths of a local church.

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Making disciples in San Fernando

San Fernando, Philippines :: Logos Hope arrives in San Fernando and is encouraged by the leaders of the city to spread joy and hope to the people.

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If heaven’s so great, why the delay?

If heaven is our ultimate reward, why doesn’t God take us there as soon as we are saved? Nichola Henry talks about why we wait.

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While in His presence

The figures of impact were impressive during a recent medical outreach in the indigenous region of Guamote in Ecuador. But only because He showed up.

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God was chasing me

A girl from Central Asia shares her testimony about how she became a believer after seven years of hearing about Jesus.

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Quick start

A women’s team sees dramatic response within four months of starting a new ministry in the Middle East.

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