Do you have a background in teaching?  Would you like to use your professional skills to impact children in need?  AIDS Hope in Mamelodi is in need of teachers with a variety of practical skills and a passion for ministering to children. 

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We have an afterschool program with 30 children attending from around Mamelodi.  Many of the children are far behind in school and struggling to cope with the lessons at their schools.  Some still don't know the basics of the alphabet or addition and subtraction.  We give  five dimensional care(physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social) to help them in all areas of their lives.  They also receive counselling for trauma that they've experienced.


  •   Have experience in teahcing
  •   Have a love and compassion for children
  •   Be a team player
  •   Have a good command of the English language
  •   Be willing to be involved with other facets of AIDS Hope ministry
  •   Be open to learn and change
  •   Be culturally sensitive

Please note: This is a non-salary position. Members need to raise funds and support from friends, family and churches

Start date
As soon as possible
2-3 Years
Full Time
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