Missionary work

  1. Project Engineer/Manager (M)

    The Engineer/Manager provides leadership to the project staff and oversight of the project.

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  2. Disability Rehabilitation Specialist - Physio, Occupational or Speech Therapist

    Skills and gifting: We are looking for a therapist with back ground in paediatrics or neurology but willing to work with children. When working with children with disabilities in a rural developing country we often have to use very different approaches then in the west, community inclusion and functionality are our highest goals.

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  3. Team Facilitation Couple (M)

    A professional team in Central Asia, all being singles, are looking for a couple or family to be culturally appropriate to work in a very rural but wonderfully peaceful location.

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  4. Media Marketing Consultant/Business Manager (M)

    If you are talented in business and have a heart for the unreached, we're looking for you! Use your experience in Media Marketing to develop strategies and networks for advertising and distributing literature and DVDs throughout the country. You’ll be overseeing project budgeting, logistics and financial reporting, and working closely with our team of national workers to get the job done. (M)

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  5. Technical Coordinator for Visually Impaired Projects (S)

    • Equipping and supporting projects to empower visually impaired individuals, their families, communities and education systems.
    • Identifying, advising on and providing training in best practice in supporting visually impaired.
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  6. Community Development Technical Advisor (S)

    Advise the existing Community Development Projects in three regions.

    Support the national staff doing the day to day field work.

    Bring new ideas into the existing structure for future growth and toward sustainability.

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  7. Project Manager (M)

    Project Coordination

    Coaching of national staff


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  8. Public Relations Coordinator (S)

    • Working with all staff and regional teams to create material for fundraising, recruiting and international visibility.
    • Maintaining the website, updating it's content on a regular basis to keep it relevant.
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  9. Security Coordinator (S)

    • Responsible for the security of expatriates and of the organization.
    • Ensuring  the organization is following the  security ground rules set up.
    • Stay on top of current local and national events and inform team members and give advise according to situations.
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  10. Donor Relations Coordinator & Assistant (S)

    • To ensure an excellent donor base of institutional, technical and individual donors so that the organization has adequate funding for all its efforts.
    • To establish, develop and maintain partnerships with a diverse donor base, linking our projects and activities to a stable and growing number of donors.
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