Missionary work

  1. R53464

    Dedicated Mobilizer

    OM Mexico is dedicated to mobilize churches and people for missions.

    Do you like to do pioneering ministry and working with teams:

    • To establish a relationship with different churches and good communication
    • To mobilize churches in creative ways
    • To organize awareness in meetings about missions
    • To build good network among organizations
    • Have good awareness of missions in the church
    • To help us developing strategy for mobilizing
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  2. Personal assistant for Field leader

    Are you happy to be in the office and handle with daily office work and chores? Do you enjoy communications, organizing events, administrating resources, simple book keeping and helping others to make things happen?

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  3. IT facilitator

    Do you like to develop and use of your IT skills that you could put to use to serve God? Have you ever considered how you can use IT to do missions and bless others?

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  4. R36432

    Sports Ministry

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  5. R5299

    Team Members

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  6. R49295


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