Missionary work

  1. R47091

    Communications Officer

    OM Belgium is looking for a communications officer.

    You’ll be part of a sparkling team of long- and short-term OMers, with a programme of worship, prayer, Bible study and evangelism through language learning. We will provide you with top-level training in Communications, leading to membership of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

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  2. R53303


    Just outside Brussels, in a town called Zaventem, OM has an internationally used conference facility called ZavCentre. ZavCentre provides up to a full board stay for missionaries traveling through, OM groups' meetings, local Christians and others. Our center has around 70 beds and 5 small and large meeting rooms. Besides the conference center, OM wants to help the local church in reaching their purpose for Christ.

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  3. Administrative Co-ordinator

    OM Belgium is seeking a skilled administrator to serve a burgeoning church planting movement. Belgium is seeing one new church planted every week. However, this is sporadic and uncoordinated. This has led to a concentration of immigrant churches in inner-city areas, while 2/3 of Belgians live in communities which have no church at all. Sound co-ordination can play a significant role in realising the potential of this movement to reach the 99.5% of Belgians who have yet to respond to the Gospel.

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