Missionary work

  1. Physiotherapist

    In the city of Durres the team works in a state-run centre for kids and teens with special needs as well as having contacts with others still living at home. Many of these kids and teens could benefit from physiotherapy.

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  2. R40508

    Loving Kids with Special Needs

    Do you have a heart for handicapped people? Do you also have a special skill/training that is related to working with handicapped people? That is all you need! Wow, great - Albania needs you!

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  3. R54033

    Women's Ministry Worker

    Many women in Albania are living without hope. They work very hard both in and out of the home and are often limited by their husbands or fathers about where they can go and what they can do.

    OM Albania seeks to give these women the hope found in Jesus. You can be part of sharing this hope.

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  4. Business Trainer

    One of the biggest problems in the Albanian church is that many of the young people need to move to larger cities or out of the country to find work. Most of these believers want to stay in their home towns and help in the church but are unable to find work to support their families. OM Albania has a desire to help these people start their own business.

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  5. R49413

    Church Planter

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  6. R57087

    Working with marginalized / Sinti and Roma

    How do you feel when you see children instead of going to school, collecting plastic bottles to have enough to eat? Their parents having very little rights. Would you like to be part of making a difference? Could you see yourself loving and teaching them, sharing God´s word of hope?

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  7. R45312


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  8. R53172


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