1. FSJ - Voluntary Social Year

    Das FSJ in Mosbach bietet dir die Möglichkeit, den persönlichen Horizont zu erweitern und in deiner Beziehung zu Gott zu wachsen. 

    Du wirst während deines FSJ's zu selbstständigem Arbeiten und Verantwortungsbewusstsein herausgefordert.

    Durch die Teilnahme an Kurzeinsätzen erhältst du Einblick in die weltweite Arbeit von OM.


    Kein Problem!

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  2. R53997

    MDT Switzerland - Hope for Zurich

    Switzerland seems to be perfect BUT behind the facade one discover loneliness, struggle with integration, desperation and much more.

    Come to be trained to share your life and hope @ our discipleship programme!

    Hope for Zurich is based in a quiet and residential multicultural area. We partner with local churches in the city and build bridges between church and community and between individuals.

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  3. R37935

    MDT Immersion Trainee

    Immersion is 11-months of life fully involved in God's word, Gospel centred ministry, and cross-cultural missions. Initially, you and the team will participate in lecture-style training on biblical topics and practical skills. The remainder of the year is spent serving alongside a local ministry where your training will be applied daily. Interested? Keep reading!

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