Missionary work

  1. R55791

    HSC Zambia and Area Driver

    Support those who are training missionaries and churches to know how to rescue and rehabilitate vulnerable children and youths on the street in a godly, professional and sustainable way. Offer valuable support by driving trainers and students and caring for the team vehicles.

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  2. R55698

    Mobile (Phone) Ministry Developer - Africa Area

    Mobile phones of different makes and models are widely used across Africa.

    How about using your mobile phone expertise by joining a team that is seeking to make use of these opportunities.

    Help create a variety of resources  that help to communicate the gospel and disciple the people of Africa through their phones.

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  3. R37935

    Area Personnel Officer - Africa Area

    Rapidly growing Africa Area is looking for someone whose heart is geared towards practical, process-driven care of people.  You don't have to live in the bush to be a missionary in South Africa.  We need office people too.

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  4. R53720

    HSC Area Trainer

    Use your training skills and passion for suffering children and youths to train others how to work with vulnerable children. Training missionaries and churches in various African countries. Also training at our missions Training base in Kabwe, Zambia

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  5. R55635

    'The Link' IT Support Staff - Africa Area


    Do you have a love for technology and a passion for missions?

    Be our Tier-1 IT support staff for the OM work in Africa. Join us, working with cutting edge systems at “The Link”, main offices in South Africa, or with limited resources in one of our other African fields!

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  6. R47458

    Animator - Africa Area

    Quality resources communicating the gospel and biblical principles are in short supply around Africa. Become part of a team that addresses these needs with your animation skills. Work on a variety of projects using animation to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to Africans.

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  7. R50933

    Tabitha Project Leader

    Tabitha is in need of a leader who is passionate to carry the vision of seeing women empowered, individuals freed from physical and spiritual oppression, and hope restored where all hope has been lost.

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  8. R53202

    Writers and Journalists - Africa Area

    There are many stories and testimonies hidden away in Africa that we want to get out to the rest of the world. The Africa Area Office is looking for people with a heart for Africa, and a desire to give God glory through sharing these stories.

    Use your gifting as a communicator to build relationships and inspire people to get involved in God's work.

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  9. R37935

    Traffic Wise Coordinator - Africa Area

    Presenter - Human Trafficking Prevention Program

    Do you have a heart to prevent human trafficking from occurring?

    We are looking for a vibrant and creative individual with a passion to eradicate human trafficking.  Someone who enjoys kids and is able to communicate well with all ages.  One who also has the ability to facilitate training for an older crowd of teachers, South African Police Service, etc.

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  10. R34868

    Travel/Transport Coordinator - Africa Area

    Our office often feels like a busy airport, as people come and go to destinations all over the world. It is visas, tickets, car hire, accommodation and pickups from the airport......

    Are you looking for a challenge! Are you organised and able to keep tabs on a wide range of information?

    Then this may be just the opportunity to serve the Lord that you have been looking for.

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