1. Logos Hope: IT Technician

    The ICT team supports the onboard crew with ICT functions aboard the MV Logos Hope and ensures the systems required to perform those functions are available and functioning correctly.

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  2. Logos Hope: Plumber (for 1 to 6 months), Project Worker

    The Logos Hope is in need of an experienced Plumber to work with the maintenance team. You will work with domestic water systems throughout the vessel: fresh water lines, black and grey waste water systems, drainage systems, certain hydraulic and refrigeration systems.

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  3. Logos Hope: Baker

    As a Bakery team we produce quality baked items for those in the ship’s community & the local visitors who come to our I-Café and events on board. Our purpose is two-fold, to feed, bless & encourage those serving in the ship’s community, and to provide items creating an hospitable environment to connect with our visitors.

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  4. English Teacher

    OM Brazil is committed to training and equipping more believers to take the message of the Gospel to where Christ is not known. The English language is a vital part of this training and we are looking for an additional qualified English teacher to join our training team.

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  5. Director of Training (CTM)

    OM Brazil is committed to providing excellent training programs to equip and prepare hundreds of believers to go and make disciples where Jesus is not known. Our training department (CTM) needs a new director to lead the current training activities, to develop new missions training programs, and expand the language school scope.

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  6. Director of Mobilisation and associated ministries

    Short Description: The evangelical church in Brazil is the biggest in Latin America with around 40-50 million protestant believers. OM Brazil is committed to mobilising hundreds of these believers to take the message of the gospel to where there is no church. Mobilisation is about building relationships with churches and pastors, and also about strategies and tools that enable us to educate, motivate and send.  It includes also  supervision of Short Term Mission departament and local ministrie

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  7. Dedicated Mobilizer

    OM Mexico is dedicated to mobilize churches and people for missions.

    Do you like to do pioneering ministry and working with teams:

    • To establish a relationship with different churches and good communication
    • To mobilize churches in creative ways
    • To organize awareness in meetings about missions
    • To build good network among organizations
    • Have good awareness of missions in the church
    • To help us developing strategy for mobilizing
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  8. B-Kids Ministry team

    “B-kids” is OM Costa Rica’s children's ministry. Most of the children that we want to reach out come from broken families that are in social risk and in poverty. Most of these children don´t enjoy a child life, since they adapt adult tasks. When we have these types of children come to our programs, we want them to really be kids, formed in God´s Word.Be part of B-Kids ministry if you have a heart for children´s ministry, a passion to share Jesus, and a heart to work in a Latin country.

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  9. Field Finance Officer (FFO)

    We all have the responsibility of being good stewards of the resources that God gives to us, and good management our finances is vital for us at OM Brazil. We are looking for an experienced financial manager who has a heart for missions and a head for figures.

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  10. Field IT Systems Administrator (FITSA)

    Do you have IT skills that you could put to use to serve God? Would you like to use your technical know-how to bless others? Have you ever considered how you can use IT to do missions? If so, then come and join us at our main office and training centre in Brazil!

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