1. Hospitality and Housekeeping Coordinator

    OM Brazil’s Training Centre and Main Office is a busy place. We need someone who is well-organised and who loves to bless others to run our hospitality and housekeeping activities.

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  2. Communications Facilitator for OM Caribbean

    We need someone with a love for communications to help us get the word out. “Christians across the Caribbean, you get the privilege of being involved in telling the world about Jesus Christ because you are spiritually rich!”

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  3. Accountant

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  4. Assistant coordinator among refugees

    The refugee crisis is not over yet...

    Around 7000 of men women and children are still in Serbia organized in Camps with less support than before. OM Serbia is working in one location, offering tea and fellowship in a large tent.

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  5. R55472

    Church Planting Ministry in the Middle East (Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq)

    Join a unique time in the planting of God’s church in the Middle East.  God is birthing something new among Muslims, and thousands are coming to know Christ!  We want you to come and be a part of it.

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  6. R46351

    People Care Provider

    How are you with your people skills? If you love people and are passionate to care for missionaries in a cross-cultural setting then we would like to challenge you to join our team. We are on a lookout for an individual who will be willing to genuinely care for people in their walk on the mission field.

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  7. English School Principle

    We urgently need someone who can take over managing a small language centre ministering to young adults in our beautiful country.  It would be helpful to have some English teaching experience but mainly a love of working with young adults.  It's important that this person model to other teachers a grasp of English teaching and also an openness to meeting with students after class at cafes, cinemas, etc.

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  8. Deputy Director (S)

    Supporting the Executive Director in the leadership and management of the organisation, including strategic planning and organisation development.

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  9. FSJ - Voluntary Social Year

    Das FSJ in Mosbach bietet dir die Möglichkeit, den persönlichen Horizont zu erweitern und in deiner Beziehung zu Gott zu wachsen. 

    Du wirst während deines FSJ's zu selbstständigem Arbeiten und Verantwortungsbewusstsein herausgefordert.

    Durch die Teilnahme an Kurzeinsätzen erhältst du Einblick in die weltweite Arbeit von OM.


    Kein Problem!

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  10. Personalbetreuer (m/w)

    Du bist kontaktfreudig, hast ein Herz für Mission und Auslandserfahrung, du bist teamfähig, kannst gut zuhören, hast eine schnelle Auffassungsgabe und idealerweise eine pädagogische Ausbildung – dann bist du bei uns richtig!

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