Anti-Human Trafficking outreach Italy

Facilitate exposure and learning about human trafficking in the context of sex trafficking / exploitation in Italy. OM Italia desires to create more awareness by offering an opportunity to visit the field

OM Italia runs a ministry among prominently Nigerian women and Brazilian transsexuals with the aim to support individuals to leave prostitution. This takes place through street outreach and individual case management. The outreach week will partly support these activities and exposure to what different ways exist to take action against human trafficking

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Sat 1 Jun 2019 to Sat 8 Jun 2019
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521.00 USD
20 - 60
Ministry details

You will receive training on the topic of human trafficking and what answering the needs looks like in practice. The program consists of interactive sessions, field work through outreach among victims of trafficking and visiting different sites the team works at, prayer times and other activities depending on the profile of the participants (eg. use of creative methods in serving the women the OM team works with.)

Participant profile

We welcome anyone interested in the topic of human trafficking and how you can get involved to take action against this social injustice. Any creative skills you have would be used during the week.


Accommodation will be provided in a local apartment which you will share with others.


Most main meals will be provided each day. You may be asked to cook for yourself some days. Please make us aware of any specific dietary needs.


You should try to arrive into Pisa airport (PSA) by 17.00 on Saturday 1st June and depart by 12.00 on Saturday 8th June. You will be picked up from the airport.


You should be in good general health


please contact your local OM home office for visa requirements.


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