“God hears prayers and He is always in control.”

How did you get in to missions?

When I became a follow of Christ in 2004 God lead me to a church that preaches and believe in the great commission. In 2006 I had opportunity to attend Youth camp called underground camp hosted by Open doors and after the camp I committed my life to pray for the persecuted churches. It was in 2007 when I heard and felt God calling me to go in to missions and I joined OM to be equipped  for missions.

What is your missions experience ?

My best experiences I always had is seeing people coming to Christ and growing to be his true disciples. And being part of the team of people from different nations, culture and background all united in Jesus Christ and serving him with one heart

How do you deal with cross culture?

I have learned to observe and ask question before I judge and as well I got to learn that my cultural way of doing things is not always right.

Please share one story from ministry/ mission field that influenced you most.

Leaders that I served under who lead the team with humble and servant attitude

What is one thing you will always remember from this experience?

I will always remember the positive different it makes when a leader is humble, loving and caring for his team.

If someone wants to join OM, what words of advice do you have for them?

Have a learning attitude and be willing to be go extra mile in your journey as  you serve in OM