"It's all because of Him"

How did you get into missions?

When I recommitted my heart to the Lord I was overjoyed and wanted to tell everyone about Jesus, what He has done for me and in my life, I continued to work 3 years in the Tourism Industry and then felt the Lord calling me to leave my job. To cut a long story short I met an OM’er and was invited to enjoy an orientation weekend that told us about God’s heart for the lost, there I realized that this is what I have been called to do, to tell the unreached about Jesus. Each of us are called to play a certain role/part of the “Great Commission” to make disciples and to baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

What is your missions experience?

It has been amazing so far! I have seen and experienced how hard hearts have been broken and changed, how cultural barriers can be crossed, how love can be spoken without language. All because of Him. It is exciting, sometimes hard yet so worth the cost!

How do you deal with cross-culture?

I find it interesting and make it a point in my life to try and understand how to always be sensitive to other cultures yet it being a fine line to also be true to who I am. I believe that good communication, love, grace and openness can overcome all barriers if both parties are willing!

Please share one story from ministry/mission field that influenced you most.

I think for me it is not a story, because a story has a beginning and an end. I would rather say it is a journey. I have been working with children from another religion now for two years, initially I was very scared of children, but now I enjoy them so! In the beginning I could not speak their language, yet these children just loved me as I am; even though I could not speak their language, they were patient and kind. They have challenged me to love without preconceived ideas and to be vulnerable.

What is one thing you will always remember from this experience?

God’s faithfulness and goodness.

If somebody wants to join OM, what words of advice do you have for them?

Be teachable and open to advice and input from others, ask in prayer and supplication the Lord’s will in all you do. Stand with open hands and a willingness to grow. It is not about your ability but your availability to/for God.