"God works in His people, through His people, for His people, for His glory!"

How did you get into missions?

About May / June 2014 I felt God asking me to resign. (I didn’t know it was God then) After a while, I reluctantly resigned without knowing what I was going to do next. A week later, a team from OM came to our church, which was the first time I heard of missions much less OM or the ship. I admired the work they did but was positive that it wasn’t for me…the rest is history.

What is your mission experience?

So far I’ve only done the GO Challenge in S.A where we did a week of outreach in Mamelodi. I attended MDT (Missions Discipleship Training) in Boschkop for 5 months and am now serving the final months of my two year commitment on the Logos Hope where I worked in the Galley, Engine Room and People Development. 

How do you deal with cross-culture?

It’s challenging but it causes you to depend on God more. MDT has prepared me a bit more than those who don’t do training beforehand. One really needs to think about what you say and what others mean because statements or actions have a completely different meaning from culture to culture. It’s unavoidable most times as you just don’t know but apologizing and not taking offence too easily becomes normal practice. 

Please share one story from ministry/ mission field that influenced you most.

I met Pastor Ernie in the Philippines. A larger than life personality but so humble, extraordinarily musically gifted and completely devoted to the extension of God’s Kingdom. He makes he’s own cd’s and sells them for next to nothing. The music is GOOD! The money is used together with the offering for the Church’s needs. They have many small congregations because they plant Churches where members are, as some areas are hard to reach or travel from. Their home is a part of the Church building where they have rooms in which the youth stay free of charge but make way for travelling missionaries when they pass through. (Also free). Everything about this family (he’s married and they have one adopted daughter) and the congregation inspires me, from the way they worship to how they live together. Something like Acts. 

What is one thing you will always remember from this experience?

The way God works in His people, through His people, for His people, for His glory!

If someone wants to join OM, what words of advice do you have for them?

Think about it. Jesus instructs us to count the cost. Take that step of faith. Watch God work and do things you never imagined.