The kingdom of Thailand is situated south of the Mekong river, with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam to the north. With its strategic location, the nation has become an exciting hub to a variety of ministries, including local and regional mission work. Thailand is known as the “Land of smiles” and the “Land of the free”, but this is sadly not reflected in the spiritual landscape.

Buddhism is the national religion, mixed with Hinduism and Animism. Christianity came to Thailand almost 200 years ago, yet 1.3 per cent of the Thai population are Christians, making Thailand one of the least-reached areas in the world.

OM wants to model a vibrant fellowship of Jesus followers, and mobilise Thai believers and churches to do the same.

What we do

Special Education Children Ministry

OM partners with Piboon Prachasan School and has founded 'Amazing Love House'.

‘Amazing Love House’ helps disabled children who cannot self-finance further study or vocational skills, after graduating from middle or high school. OM workers hope to share their faith through the relationships they build with the students and their families, as well as their teachers.

Language teaching ministry

OM’s foreign workers connect with the local Thai community by teaching a foreign language. Friendships are built during and after class, both formally and informally.

Community centre

OM’s main purpose in Thailand is community development. Language learning and vocational training play a vital part in this. OM workers bring in diverse training opportunities, depending on their personal skill set.

Ministry to the homeless

Many churches work together to serve approximately 400 homeless people at the Hualumphong train station in Bangkok. OM volunteers support the ministry and donate food.

Supporting church planting / mission opportunities

OM partners with other ministries and churches, and recruit workers to reach out to local communities. OM’s short term mission teams give team members an experience of the local culture, lifestyle, and beliefs, while demonstrating Christ’s love in practical ways.

Mobilising churches

OM workers visit Thai churches to motivate believers to share God’s love with others and help them see the importance of Jesus’ call to “Go” and to “Make disciples of all nations”. Various mission opportunities offer Thai Christians the possibility to step out in faith and share the gospel.

Developing missions workers

OM connects Thai Christians with both short- and long-term international mission opportunities, which provide both training in the purpose of mission, and the challenge to be a blessing wherever God calls them to serve.

More information about Thailand (Source: World Factbook)

Capital: Bangkok

Population: 69 million

Area: 513,120 sq km

Major language: Thai

English is a second language of the upper classes (2010 est.)

Major religions: Buddhist 85%, Muslim 8.5%, Christianity 1.3%, Other

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The Mekong Region – made up of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam - is a region heavily influenced by Buddhism. Home to more than 240 million people, the Mekong River is a vital source of life.

Of the 551 indigenous people groups inhabiting this area, 340 are considered lacking a strong enough presence of Jesus followers to make sufficient long-term impact for Jesus.

The four largest people groups - Bama, Thai, Isaan/Lao, and Khmer – make up 1/3 of the population (80 million). The vast majority have never met a Jesus follower, and less than 2 per cent follow Jesus, so that 60 per cent of the region remains unreached with the gospel (statistics from


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