Through this outreach, Turkish people in Berlin will get to know and experience God's love.

Berlin is full of immigrants from the Middle East, many of whom unfortunately think that because the old traditional churches are usually empty that the Christian faith must be dying. In cooperation with various fellowships in Berlin, especially Turkish and Arabic speaking fellowships, we aim to glorify God by joyfully demonstrating that the Christian faith is actually alive and well, that the Holy Spirit works in power in today's Berlin, and that people from every tribe and tongue are finding forgiveness and joy and eternal life in the risen Christ.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Families welcome
Groups welcome
Sat 3 Sep 2022 to Sun 11 Sep 2022
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Sun 5 Jun 2022
686.00 USD
18 -
Ministry details

To do this we plan to have stands in the busy pedestrian areas of the city where many of these immigrants live, with various fellowships taking turns moderating livestream events at these stands, both for passersby and for online viewers.

Participant profile

Cultural openness and willingness to approach people.

We need all kinds of believers to help do the following:

  • speak German, Turkish or Arabic
  • share their testimony on the livestream
  • start conversations with passersby
  • organize various festival like activities at the stands to engage with passersby
  • help with setting up and tearing down the stand,
  • feeding the team members
  • help with the online aspects of the outreach (interact with online visitors, help with technical things)--which you can do even without coming to Berlin!

Most of all, we need people to befriend the people we meet on the street and accompany them on their faith journey.


Accomodation in shared rooms in youth hostels, other Options by arrangement and, if necessary, for an additional charge.


Food will be served in the hostel or in community rooms. Lunch is not included in the price. You are able to get a Kebap or sandwich during the outreaches at the spots, we are serving. Please specify allergies and intolerances in advance.


Participants need to arrange their travel to and from Berlin.


Participants should be healthy and able to walk a lot and be on their feet all day.


Please check with your home office. No Visa needed for EU citizens.


The costs include outreach costs, breakfast and dinner, as well as a registration fee.

The local Covid-19 regulation will be implemented. We will continue to monitor the situation and reserve the right to cancel the outreach. If the outreach will be cancelled by our side, the participant will not be charged with any costs.

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