Empowering Local Arts, Training in the Sahel #1

1) To equip people who are already engaged in mission and church planting work with OM Sahel in Senegal with tools to engage local/community arts so people where these missionaries/ministers work encounter Jesus and their communities are transformed in all the good ways.
2) To address the spiritual aspects involved in the kinds of ministry people with training in objective 1 above, specifically in Christian communities. Teaching/training in topics like true worship and leading people in true worship as well as valuing local arts and how to steward artistic talents in oneself and others.

OM Sahel has seen how valuable local creative and artistic expressions are to the people in the communities they work within. They believe that these expressions would be powerful and effective for sharing Jesus with people in these communities as well as growing people who already know Jesus spiritually. For these reasons, they have asked Inspiro Arts Alliance to come conduct trainings that will both help people partnering with OM Sahel experience this power, as well as teach them how to engage these local arts to enable others in their communities to also know Jesus. This project will focus on empowering people working with OM Sahel’s partners in Senegal.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Sorry, no families
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Sat 17 Jun 2023 to Sat 24 Jun 2023
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1300.00 USD
18 - 65
Ministry details

Speakers/Teachers/Facilitators as follows, in area(s) that will accomplish one or more of our training objectives for this project. Ability to teach/facilitate in French is ideal.
1) Able to teach others tools they can use to engage local arts in missions and church planting.
2) Able to facilitate learning about the spiritual and theological aspects of engaging local arts in ministry.

Participant profile

EthnoArts Facilitators/Teacher, Intercessor, Media person

Intercessor: praying for all aspects of the project while on the ground, leading team devotional or worship times.
Media person: responsible for capturing the events of the project in pictures or video, potentially including testimonies. Editing skills not required, but are desired.

All participants will be required to participate in pre-trip preparation and training.
Participants should also be experienced and knowledgeable in what they will teach.
A flexible, adaptable, relaxed, “willing to take what you receive” sort of perspective will be helpful on this project


Participants for this project will be staying in Christian guesthouses or hotels in Dakar, Senegal. Addresses, TBD


Food will be provided along with accommodation, or by a person already arranged by the hosting ministry. Please advise us early of any significant food allergies or restrictions.


International flights should be arranged in and out of Dakar, Senegal.
Local travel, i.e. from the airport and between the guesthouse and the training venue will be arranged by our host ministry.


All team members should be in reasonably good health.
According to some sources, the following diseases are present in Senegal. Precautions are recommended.
Yellow Fever
Meningococcal Meningitis
A COVID (14 days prior) vaccination or negative PCR test (72 hours) are required to enter Senegal.
Travel medical insurance that covers Senegal required. Please send the project organizer confirmation of and a copy of your policy prior to arriving.


A visa is usually required to enter Senegal. Please confirm with the Senegalese embassy or consulate overseeing your country of citizenship to confirm if you can get this on arrival or if you must get it before arriving.


The media person role poses challenges, and is not guaranteed.
Please confirm travel arrangements with project organizer prior to purchasing flights.
Travel to Senegal poses some risks. A Risk Assessment should be completed for this project in cooperation with all confirmed team members prior to arrival.

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