Trained and equipped in Ireland

written by Hannah Rueber

Feeling inadequate or ill-prepared may be one of Christians’ greatest obstacles when it comes to living out their faith. However, as Rebecca (Co. Westmeath) experienced during OM’s summer ministries in Ireland, relying on God rather than self allows for growth and opportunity.

“I was at a park concert the summer of 2016—a ministry of the Impact Ireland team—and I thought, ‘Wow! I’d love to do this.’ So I thought about it over the year,” Rebecca recounted.

While Rebecca knew about ministry opportunities with OM through her church, she was nervous to be bold about sharing her faith in the community.

“I wanted to learn how to share my faith with others. Just thoughts of evangelism made me nervous; but I thought if I could learn to share in the ‘proper way,’ I would have a bit more confidence and know what to say to people,” she explained.

OM’s Impact Ireland provided the training Rebecca needed to help put her faith into action. She set distractions aside and trusted God to take care of the details. “Street evangelism… not at all comfortable for me!” she confessed. “The first morning, the pastor was praying over our teams going out. I was terrified, so I was thinking, ‘Let the prayers go on for a while so we can postpone going out.’”

But she did go out. In addition to face-to-face conversations, Rebecca sang and played guitar on the street in partnership with the Big Red Bus team. Her talent caught the attention of OM’s bus driver, Colm.

“He came up to me and said, ‘What are you doing in August?’” Rebecca recalled. “He told me the Bus was going to be at this event in Ennis called the Fleadh Cheoil. I prayed about it and felt God leading me to do it.”

She hoped to only play music on the Bus. However, God had other plans for Rebecca’s time. Through her nervousness and feelings of being ill-prepared, she trusted God to give her what she would need.

“God was pushing me to go out and talk to people. I went out onto the street and spoke to so many people, even groups of teenagers,” Rebecca shared. “I can’t even remember all of the gospel conversations I had.”

“I didn’t realise how lost my country really is. It’s easy to get into this Christian bubble,” Rebecca said. “Being part of Impact and then the Fleadh, I see we’re all called to the Great Commission. I used to think it didn’t apply to me. Evangelism still makes me nervous, but I feel much more confident approaching people.”

As Rebecca discovered, Christians must allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through them.

“It’s amazing what happens when you totally rely on God, His strength and His ability,” Rebecca said. “His power is made perfect in my weakness. He can use my nervousness for His glory.”

Through training at OM Ireland, Rebecca became more confident in evangelising in various ways in her home country.

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